Guide to using ENROL – Principals

Impact of ENROL on other school processes

This section briefly outlines how ENROL and other school processes interact.

  • Attendance monitoring
    • Maintaining the attendance registers is not part of the functionality in ENROL. Schools should continue to use the attendance system/process they currently use. The only ENROL interaction is when a student has been absent for 20 consecutive school days and you have not been advised that the absence is only temporary. At this point the student should be withdrawn in ENROL by entering the last day of attendance and a non-enrolment notification should be initiated immediately to begin finding the student. If the student is no longer attending your school, withdraw the student immediately.

      Should a student have a particularly poor attendance record whilst at your school, then please tick their “Attendance” Teaching and Learning Note when withdrawing the student. This will alert the next school to contact you if they wish to receive further clarity on the student’s attendance.

  • Pre-enrolments
    • This process is external to ENROL and schools will continue their current pre- enrolment practice. Authorised users will need to be advised when the student is confirmed as attending your school, allowing ENROL to be updated accordingly at that time.

      In the first week of Term 1, when a larger number of pre-enrolments come together, this process may take the form of a pre-enrolment checklist, where students are marked off as they arrive.

  • Integration of student management systems with ENROL
    • All Student Management Systems (SMS) are integrated with ENROL. With integrated services, an enrolment or a withdrawal in your SMS can activate the enrolment or withdrawal in ENROL so administrators no longer have to process a student in both systems. Contact your SMS vendor to request information and training about how this works or you can continue to do processes separately.

  • Submission of stand-down and suspension forms
    • ENROL has integrated Stand-down and Suspension (SDS) processes to meet current Ministry SDS guidelines. All schools must complete stand-down and suspensions forms and submit them via ENROL. An email confirmation is sent to your school to confirm each submission. You are required to keep your email confirmations, electronically or printed out, for your own records.