Guide to using ENROL – Principals

Enrolment processes in ENROL

You can find full details on each of the below sections on pages 3 and 4 of the Principal’s guide.

Principal's guide [PDF, 382 KB]

  • Teaching and learning notes flags
    • Teaching and learning notes are a valuable tool for highlighting to the next school if there are significant issues that will affect the academic and pastoral care of a student.

      Teaching and learning notes are used to highlight areas that relate to a student’s academic performance, attendance, behaviour, personal information, custodial information, or health issues.

  • Enrolling and withdrawing students who transfer during the year
    • As mentioned earlier in this section, you will need to check the eligibility fields when new students enrol in your school during the year. You will also need to update the address information at enrolment and when a student leaves. It is not required in ENROL to update residential address changes which occur while the student remains at your school.

      You may need to record an Alias when a student leaves if the student has started using the alias during the year while at your school. This will help the next school retrieve the record if the student enrols under the alias instead of their legal name.

      It is recommended that you give a printed copy of a student’s ENROL record to them when they leave. This document shows the student’s National Student Number, along with all other identity information, which can be passed to the next school, to assist them to quickly find the student’s ENROL record when processing their enrolment.