Te Aho Ngārahu: fostering te reo Māori through localised curriculum resources

About Te Aho Ngārahu

Te Aho Ngārahu was established in 2017 as an initiative to improve the access to quality te reo Māori localised curriculum resources to support ākonga, kaiako and Kāhui Ako learning in and through te reo Māori in both Māori medium and English medium settings.

The annual fund for Te Aho Ngārahu was increased to $3.4 million in Budget 2020.

The meaning of Te Aho Ngārahu

Te Aho Ngārahu is the bright burning ember at the base of the ashes of te ahi kā, the home fire. Before the home fire burns down completely, a light breeze is brought to the final ember, reigniting the flames to burn brightly anew.

Hence with this project, the breeze of our communities is being brought to the burning embers of our stories, re-igniting the flames of our peoples’ values and learning, to create warmth for our learners and teachers of te reo Māori.

Our approach

Te Aho Ngārahu Round 5 is underway. This round will focus on pūrākau that have been submitted previously but did not progress on to the next stage. A small number of pūrākau are being sought from regions where there have been minimal to no Te Aho Ngārahu resources produced to date. This round will also include improvements based on feedback and learnings from previous rounds as we work to enhancing our processes so that rounds are inclusive of all parties wishing to submit pūrākau-ā-iwi to be developed into resources.

We recognise that Te Aho Ngārahu is in a unique position, connecting iwi, hapū and whānau with designers of curriculum resources in a collaborative relationship. To support the continued success of Te Aho Ngārahu, the approach for future rounds is in review and we anticipate sharing these findings and approach in 2023.

We acknowledge that there are those waiting with story ideas wanting to enter into Te Aho Ngārahu, and we thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact TeReo.MaoriGroup@education.govt.nz to stay informed.



The intended outcomes of Te Aho Ngārahu are:

  • increased availability and use of localised te reo Māori resources
  • increased availability and use of curriculum resources to support the teaching and learning of NZ histories
  • wider public appreciation, increased awareness and deeper understanding of te reo Māori and local histories
  • strengthened relationships and partnerships between the Ministry and whānau, hapū, iwi and local communities
  • learning programmes supported by quality te reo Māori localised resources.

Contact Us

Email tereo.maorigroup@education.govt.nz

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