Crown entity monitoring

We monitor three Crown entities on our behalf: Education New Zealand, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, and the Tertiary Education Commission.

Our monitoring role

Our monitoring role is mandated through the Crown Entities Act 2004. We're co-monitors with the:

  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment for Education New Zealand, and
  • Tertiary Education Commission.

Our monitoring is based on a high-trust, no-surprises approach.

We maintain good relations with Crown entities through active and open engagement about:

  • financial and non-financial performance
  • risks and challenges
  • sustainability
  • Board appointments.

We provide advice to the Minister of Education and Associate Ministers on:

  • quarterly entity performance
  • Board appointments
  • statutory accountability documents.

The reports are part of the regular information releases on our website.

Information releases

Our advice is designed to:

  • provide assurance to Ministers, and
  • support entity-driven continuous improvement.

It's both retrospective and forward-looking, and is strengthened by sharing information with Crown entities.

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