Auckland office accessible carpark and access

Mt Eden Office visitor parking and accessible parking

Car park Auckland office

Eden 5, 12 Normanby Road, Mt Eden Auckland

When you drive down into the car park, you will see a keypad on your right-hand side just before the gates. Press the number 3 then the symbol showing the bell. This will ring through to reception who will take your call and open the gates for you (instructions are also noted near the keypad).

Once in the car park, take the first left and head towards the end where the Ministry of Education Visitor Car Parks are located. Each Visitor Car Park is numbered.

Accessible car park available

The Mt Eden office has one accessible car park available to visitors. To book this car park please call 09 632 9400, or ask the staff member you’re meeting with to book it for you.

The car park entrance is at 12-18 Normanby Road. Push the entry button for the reception to open the gates. The accessible car park is located on level 1.

If you're parked in our accessible car park on level 1, use the lift from level 1 to make your way to the reception.

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