Porirua East Future Schooling Needs

We are talking with schools and the community in Porirua East about future schooling needs and options in this area.

Why are you doing this now?

In November 2018, the Prime Minister announced a $1.5b investment to regenerate Porirua East

Porirua regeneration means thousands of new homes – Beehive (external link)

The announcement included renewed and new state houses and at least 2,000 affordable, KiwiBuild and market homes. The regeneration work is being done by a company called HLC and is expected to take about 25 years to complete.

Porirua Development website (external link)

This project gives us an exciting opportunity to look at the future education needs in Porirua East to make sure we provide the best education and learning environments for our students.

What are you doing right now?

Right now, we are engaging with the community to gather ideas about what is needed and wanted for the future of schooling in Porirua East. So that future schooling in the area will meet this community’s needs and aspirations, it’s really important to hear the ideas and capture the views of students, parents and whānau, schools, iwi and the wider community. No decisions have been taken about what should happen, so this is your chance to tell us what you think would work best for you and your community. This community engagement will continue for the rest of Term 3, until 27 September 2019.

We are:

  • contacting individual schools to confirm that we have the right information about their students and their school
  • engaging with the Kāhui Ako | Community of Learning (group of schools) in the area
  • appointing facilitators to work in the community and gather the ideas of schools, students, whānau and iwi
  • holding hui about the future of education in this area
  • attending community meetings to answer any questions about education.

How can I be involved?

  • contact the Ministry of Education directly, email: eastern.porirua@education.govt.nz
  • let your local school’s board of trustees or principal know what your thoughts are
  • attend hui held by the Ministry or our facilitators. Details of meetings will be made available on this page where we will also post updates on this process.

What happens next?

We will gather all the feedback and ideas we have received, and summarise them in a report to the Minister of Education. If there are some clear options for change, we will ask the Minister if he wants us to formally consult with the community about these. 

If the Minister agrees, we will come back to the community to formally consult on specific proposals for the future of schooling. This would be another opportunity for your voice to be heard. After a formal consultation, we would then write another report to the Minister, summarising all the feedback and recommending a decision.

The Minister would consider all the information and make a decision or decisions about any changes.

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