Funding forms

Below are the forms your early learning service will need in order to either apply for or continue to receive funding from us. For more information, and to see the page where these forms are kept in the Funding Handbook, go to ECE Funding Handbook(external link) and scroll down to 'Reference material and downloads'.

You can click on the links below to download the forms.

RS7: Early Childhood Funding Return [PDF, 689 KB]

RS2: Early Childhood Service/Playgroup Bank Account Form [PDF, 88 KB]

RS3: Initial Application for Funding for an Early Childhood Service [PDF, 651 KB]

EC11: Application for Change of Quality/Standard Funding Rate for Early Childhood Services [PDF, 153 KB]

EC11A: Notification of Change of Qualified Persons for Early Childhood Services [PDF, 223 KB]

EC12: Application for Exemption from Absence Rule for Special and/or Health Needs [PDF, 141 KB]

EC13: Medical Certificate to Support Application for Exemption from Absence Rule [PDF, 43 KB]

EC15: Application for ECE Equality Funding Language and Culture other than English [PDF, 244 KB]

Enrolment Agreement Form [DOCX, 37 KB]

Discretionary Hours Report Form [PDF, 129 KB]



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