EC8: Change your service details

If you want to apply to change details about your service, you’ll need to fill out the EC8 application form.

Use the EC8 application form if you need to apply to change any information specified on your licence, including:

  • Change your service provider contact details.
  • Change your service contact details.
  • Change your funding/emergency contact person's details.
  • Change your service provider contact person details.
  • Change your service operating details.
  • Permanently relocate to new premises if existing premises are situated on land which has been acquired by the Crown. 

If you want to apply to change the identity of the service provider you will need to fill out the EC9 application form

Application forms

EC8: change your centre-based service details [PDF, 300 KB]

EC8: change your home-based service details [PDF, 245 KB]

Email or post your completed form (along with other required documents) to your local Ministry office. You may like to keep a copy for your personal records.

To access the EC8 form for kōhanga reo, contact your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry offices

Selling a service

If you want to apply to change the identity of the service provider operating a service, you will need to fill out the EC9 Application form.

EC9: Change the identity of the service provider

Permanent relocation due to land having been acquired by the Crown 

You may apply to permanently relocate through a licence amendment only if your service is situated on land which has been acquired under Part 2 of the Public Works Act 1981 or Part 5 of the Urban Development Act 2020. 

If you wish to permanently relocate for any other reason, you must first apply for network approval. 

Network management for licensed early childhood services(external link)

Once we’ve received your application

We’ll do our best to consider your application within 30 working days of receiving your complete application. We need all the information before we can start considering your application. 

If we need more information

If we require more information, we will contact you and explain what we need. You’ll need to provide this to us within 10 days.

Visit your premises

Some changes may require us to visit the service before approval. For example, if you’re wanting to increase the number of children you’re allowed, we’ll first need to check that the inside and outside areas of your premises are large enough.

We’ll call you to work out a time to visit when your key staff and service provider’s contact person can be there.

Successful applications

If your application is successful, we’ll let you know by email or phone. If your licence was changed, we’ll email or post you an amended licence.

If you run a centre-based service, you must display the amended licence at the service for parents and caregivers and visitors to see.

If you run a home-based service, you must make the licence available to parents and caregivers.

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