School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement

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School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement 2022-2024 [PDF, 602 KB]

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Part 5: Remuneration and Allowances: General

School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement
Effective 14 November 2022 to 13 November 2024
(includes variation dated 6 June 2023)

  • 5.1 Supervisors' Remuneration
    • 5.1 Supervisors' Remuneration

      The following scales apply to cleaners, canteen staff and caretakers who regularly supervise a minimum of 3 other employees.

      5.1A Supervisors' Remuneration (Cleaners, Canteen and Ground Staff)

      Step Rate effective
      Rate effective
      Rate effective
      1 $21.78 $23.70 $24.66

      5.1B Supervisors' Remuneration (Grade 1 and Grade 2 Caretakers)

      Step Rate effective
      New Step Rate effective
      Rate effective
      1 $21.78 Step 1 $23.70 $24.66
      Range of rates $21.79-$22.53 Step 2 $24.45 $25.41
      Range of rates $22.54-$23.26

      Step 3



      2 $23.27


  • 5.2 Pay Scale Progression for Supervisor Caretakers
    • All supervisor caretakers who have worked for at least 12 months will become eligible for annual incremental progression, on 1 April each year, unless the employer considers that the employee has failed to meet standards of performance as assessed by the employer against the job description or written requirements for the position and has informed the employee of this no later than 15 February.

  • 5.3 Swimming Pool Allowance
    • 5.3.1 A caretaker or ground staff employee required to undertake the operation, chlorination and maintenance of filtered or draw and fill school swimming pools for the purposes of providing and maintaining an adequate standard of hygiene, during periods when the pool is open for official school use shall be paid the allowance specified below for each day they undertake these duties during the period of the year when the school is open.

      5.3.2 Only a caretaker or ground staff employee who is solely responsible for the complete operation and maintenance of school swimming pools, as detailed in subclause 5.3.1 qualifies for the allowance.

      5.3.3 The allowance, in addition to wages for such time worked, will also be paid where the employer authorises the opening of the pool for public use during weekends, school vacations, or other periods when the school is not officially open and where the caretaker or ground staff employee has agreed to undertake these additional duties.

      • swimming pool allowance - $4.50 per day

      Note: Appendix A sets out the procedures to be followed in handling swimming pool chemicals.

  • 5.4 Meal Allowance
    • Where a caretaker or ground staff employee completes nine and a half hours or more on any one day, the employer shall provide them with a suitable meal or, in lieu thereof, pay an allowance at the rate specified below.

      • meal allowance - $10.00


  • 5.5 Clothing and Footwear Allowance
    • A clothing and footwear allowance at the rate specified below shall be paid after the first week’s employment, except where the employer supplies suitable clothing. For cleaners, provision of a “popover” smock is agreed to be suitable clothing.

      • clothing/footwear allowance – 15 cents/hour (taxable)
  • 5.6 Higher Duties Allowance
    • 5.6.1 Any cleaner, assistant caretaker or ground staff directed to perform work for which a higher rate is prescribed shall be paid the higher rate for the period of such work; provided that a cleaner can only be directed to perform higher duties in the absence of the caretaker/assistant caretaker/part-time caretaker or ground staff.

      5.6.2 Nothing in this clause shall prevent an employer from specifically authorising payment of a special duties’ allowance to a worker who is directed, in special circumstances, to carry out duties other than those for which they are employed.

  • 5.7 Transport Allowance
    • 5.7.1 Where a worker is directed by their employer to use their own car, and providing such worker is willing, they shall be paid at the rate below.

      5.7.2 In such instances the worker shall also be responsible for arranging the appropriate insurance; Provided that where the use of such car on the employer’s business necessitates altering the nature of the insurance on such car, the employer shall refund to the worker any extra premium which is attributable to the car being used on the employer's business.

      • transport allowance - 59 cents per kilometre
  • 5.8 Height Allowance
    • A worker required to work 6.1 metres from the ground or floor, or from 6.1 metres above a veranda, shall be paid an allowance at the rate specified.

      • height allowance - $1.74 per day or portion of a day
  • 5.9 Unusually Dirty Work Allowance
    • A worker performing unusually dirty work in out-of-the-ordinary circumstances such as cleaning or removing vomit and excreta outside of toilet bowls, excess dust and dirt from demolition or construction on site being cleaned, flood damage, sewage overflow, human remains and animal offal, shall while so employed, be paid at the rate specified below. A worker performing such work shall be provided with overalls and gloves and masks where necessary.

      • unusually dirty work allowance - $3.85 per day or part thereof

      Note: Where entitlement arises under this clause, the allowance must be paid in full at this rate once only per day.

  • 5.10 Bicycle Allowance
    • A worker instructed to use their own bicycle in the course of employment shall be paid an allowance at the rate specified below.

      • bicycle allowance - $2.47 per week
  • 5.11 Broken Time Allowance
    • Where the daily hours of a worker other than a resident caretaker are not continuous, an allowance shall be paid at the rate specified below. This payment is to recompense the worker for the additional cost of travel and other expenses incurred in working the broken shift.

      • broken time allowance - $3.71 per day