School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement

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School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement 2022-2024 [PDF, 602 KB]

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Part 2: Cleaners

School Caretakers', Cleaners', Canteen and Ground Staff Collective Agreement
Effective 14 November 2022 to 13 November 2024
(includes variation dated 6 June 2023)

  • 2.1 Application
    • Part 2 applies to cleaners and canteen staff only. Each clause will apply to both groups except where one group only (e.g. cleaners) is specified.

  • 2.2 Remuneration
    • 2.2.1 The following provisions set out remuneration for cleaners and canteen staff.

      Step Rate effective
      Rate effective
      Rate effective
      1 $21.78 $23.70 $24.66


  • 2.3 Fire lighting Allowance
    • It is recognised that the preparation, setting and/or lighting of fires is not part of the duties of a cleaner. However, where a caretaker or assistant caretaker is not employed and a cleaner is requested to carry out additional duties associated with fire lighting, and the cleaner agrees, the cleaner shall be paid a daily allowance at the appropriate rate specified.

        • cleaner’s fire lighting allowance $1.36 per day
  • 2.4 Hours of Work
    • 2.4.1 Forty hours shall constitute a week's work to be worked on five days of the week (which wherever possible will be consecutive), Monday to Sunday inclusive. Not more than eight hours shall be worked in any one day without payment of overtime. Should a worker be required to work on a sixth or seventh day in any one week, he/she shall be paid overtime in accordance with clause 2.5.

      2.4.2 As far as possible the hours of work shall be continuous from the time of starting work save for the intervals for meals which shall not be more than one hour or less than 30 minutes. No worker shall be required to work for more than four and a half hours without a meal.

      2.4.3 Rest and meal breaks will be provided in accordance with the Employment Relations Act 2000.

      Note: at the time of settlement the Act provides that: if an employee's work period is more than 2 hours but not more than 4 hours, the employee is entitled to one 10-minute paid rest break. If the employees' work period is over 4 hours they are also entitled to a 30 minute unpaid meal break and if it is over 6 hours they are also entitled to a second 10 minute paid rest break.

  • 2.5 Overtime
    • All time worked in excess of the daily and/or weekly ordinary time hours of work provided for in 2.4 above shall be regarded as overtime and paid for at ordinary time rate and one quarter.

  • 2.6 Grandparents Cleaners' Retiring Leave
    • 2.6.1 Except as provided by 2.6.2 below, a full time cleaner who had either completed ten or more years' service or was 50 years of age or more, as at 15 February 1993, is entitled to qualify for Retiring Leave as outlined in clause 3.8.

      2.6.2 A permanent part-time cleaner who met either criteria outlined in 2.6.1 above, and was a full-time cleaner as at 15 February 1993 but subsequently had their hours reduced as a result of clause 6.1 of this Agreement, shall also remain entitled to qualify for the Retiring Leave based upon their average weekly hours set over the five years immediately preceding the date of retirement.