Budget 2022 Investment in Supporting All Schools to Succeed

A number of initiatives in Budget 2022 invest in Supporting All Schools to Succeed, the Government’s response to the reform of Tomorrow’s Schools.

Review of Tomorrow’s Schools

The review of Tomorrow’s Schools found our education system must do better to provide excellent learning outcomes for Māori, Pacific peoples, children and young people with disabilities and/or learning support needs, and learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It also highlighted that sector support needs to be more timely, responsive, and accessible to meet the needs of local school and early learning communities. It also found school and kura leaders need more localised support to build their leadership capability and address management issues which distracted from the core purpose of leading teaching and learning. Higher-calibre, leadership-based expertise needed to be available to all school and kura leaders.

Supporting All Schools to Succeed report(external link)

Funding through Budget 2022

Budget 2022 invests $22.3 million in operating funding over four years to fund new leadership advisor positions and $40 million over four years to establish a new Regional Response Fund, to be managed through Te Mahau with an initial focus on student engagement and attendance. While the exact nature of the leadership advisor roles will be determined in consultation with the sector and communities, this funding continues the drive to put more frontline support closer to schools and enable greater flexibility to respond to the needs of different communities.

The national curriculum and teaching and learning practices are key elements of ensuring schools are engaging places for our young people. A further $62 million over four years aims to drive key shifts in teaching and learning, with a particular focus on literacy, communication and maths, and supporting the education workforce.

This investment in Te Mahau and teaching and learning builds on the $185.3 million funded through Budget 2021 and the establishment of Te Poutāhū | Curriculum Centre as a key enabler of curriculum change, as part of the Tomorrow’s Schools reforms.

How will the Regional Response Fund operate?

The Regional Response Fund will allocate $10 million per year across the three Ministry regions (Te Tai Raro, Te Tai Whenua, and Te Tai Runga) from 1 July 2022.

The fund will provide frontline staff with the resources they need to deliver responsive frontline support and services, including local initiatives that target attendance and engagement, and support smaller schools facing additional administrative burden due to COVID-19.

How will the Regional Response Fund support local needs?

The Regional Response Fund will provide more timely, responsive and accessible frontline supports that meet the needs of local schools and kura, as well as early learning services. It will address urgent needs, including issues that have no other funding source, and promote learner engagement and improved educational outcomes. This includes initiatives that target attendance and engagement, as well as administrative support for small schools.

Support for Schools 

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