Complaints options independent of the Ministry

If you raise an issue with us, we will work with you and do our best to resolve it. If after working with us you are still not happy with how we've handled your complaint, there are a range of options for you to consider to seek a resolution.

Office of the Ombudsman

If you're not happy about the way we're handling your complaint or you think you have been treated unfairly, you can lodge a complaint about us with the Office of the Ombudsman.

Office of the Ombudsman (external link)

Privacy concerns

If you think we have not protected your personal information or we have breached your privacy and you are unable to resolve a privacy dispute with us, you can make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner Te Mana Mātāpono Matatapu.

Privacy Commissioner(external link)

A quick tour of the privacy principles, relating to how your personal information should be collected and stored, is available on the Privacy Commissioner's website.

Privacy principles(external link)

Health and Disability concerns

If you have concerns about a health or disability service and we have not resolved your issue to your satisfaction, you may make a complaint to the Health & Disability Commissioner Te Toihau Hauora, Hauātanga.

Health and Disability Commissioner(external link)

Children’s Commissioner Manaakitia a tātou tamariki

If your child is having issues at school – from being stood down or bullied to issues with a teacher or difficulty accessing learning support, you can contact your local Ministry office. If after working with us you are still concerned, you can visit the Children’s Commissioner’s website to understand your Education Rights.

Children’s Commissioner(external link)

New Zealand Police | Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa

If you believe a child or adult is in immediate danger or if a crime has been committed, you should dial 111. You can also call 105 to report incidents that are not emergencies, such as theft or intentional property damage.

Details on how to report emergencies and non-emergencies can be found on the NZ Police website.

New Zealand Police reporting a crime or incident(external link)

Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children

If you, or a child or young person you know is in immediate danger, call Police on 111.

If you need to talk, Oranga Tamariki’s Freephone is open 24 hours, 7 days a week: 0508 326 459.

More information is available from Oranga Tamariki.

Oranga Tamariki(external link)

Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

If you have concerns about the conduct or competence of a teacher, you should raise these with the school board as the employer. If you are still concerned after raising with the board, you can make a complaint with the Teaching Council.

Report a concern to the Teaching Council(external link)

Raising concerns about a public entity

It is the role of the Ombudsman to look into the detail of individual complaints or problems.

If you have raised concerns about us that are not individual complaints or problems and are not satisfied with our response, you may raise your concerns about us as a public entity with the Controller and Auditor General.

Controller and Auditor General(external link)

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