Why have a strategy?

This strategy addresses digital and data approaches for New Zealand’s education agencies for the coming decade.

It is commissioned by the Education Sector Stewardship Forum, the Chief Executives of education agencies and associated entities. While education agencies advance their own work programmes, we are most effective when there is agreement on the high-level direction and aims of the education digital ecosystem. 

The strategy will ensure:

  • A planned, deliberate approach to digital and data across education agencies.
  • Effective digital and data contribution to learning and teaching.
  • Alignment with the Government’s Digital Strategy for Aotearoa. 

When developing the scope of the strategy there were many important considerations:  

  • Barriers to access  

Ensuring learners of all ages can benefit from high quality online and flexible learning opportunities.

  • Shared data  

A trusted data ecosystem with the learners and those who support their learning at its heart. 

  • Coordinating digital approaches  

A planned deliberate approach to promoting digital innovation, partnering with educators, interested stakeholders and the EdTech sector to support New Zealand’s education system and create international economic opportunities. 

  • Lessons from COVID-19  

Capturing and learning from the innovations and disruptions of the pandemic. 

  • Cyber security  

Protecting learners, providers and the integrity of data. 

  • Education in context  

Alignment with the Government’s overarching Digital Strategy for Aotearoa, recognising that the education system is a vital link to ensure current and future learners are equipped for digital futures in   their lives and careers.

  • What do we mean by digital?

  • We are following the approach adopted in the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa:

      When we talk about “digital” in this strategy, we are talking about computer hardware and software, the infrastructure that supports it, and the data that is so integral to these systems. The Strategy also talks about rules and policies governing digital technologies and their applications, and the wider socio-technical systems that digital sits within. This means we are not just focusing on the digital technologies themselves but also how they are designed and implemented and who gets a say, the data that feeds in and is created, the many ways they are used, and the resulting social, financial, environmental and cultural impacts."

 Teacher and kid

The story behind the design


Randal Leach, visual artist and educator  

The imagery and shaping of the strategy has been built with input from visual artist and educator Randal Leach, of Ngati Porou, who has developed the central image of Te Puna, or wellspring, to encapsulate the potential of digital and data to influence education.

Te Puna o te Whakaaro | The Wellspring of Thought 

This whakatauāki speaks of the wellspring as the source of digital innovation, technology and connection. The ripples represent ako and the reciprocal flow of digital knowledge and learning between teachers, learners and the wider community.

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