Teacher aide pay equity operational guidelines for schools

Guidance for schools on the implementation of the teacher aide pay equity settlement.  

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8 Progression through the pay equity scale

The settlement provides a process for automatic point to point translation from the previous CA pay scale to the new pay equity pay scale. This translation looks at the teacher aide's current step and grade and draws a line across the table to the corresponding step and grade in the new pay equity table.

One of the features of the settlement is the creation of the new B-C combined grade in the pay equity pay scale. Teacher aides can now progress throughout B and C within the new B-C grade unless the employer considers their work remains solely within grade B. This new merged B-C grade was designed to create opportunities for progression and reduce the potential for grading issues.

A teacher aide may request their employer reconsider their progression and has the right to representation at any stage. Clause 3.9 of the CA still applies if a teacher aide raises an issue about the appropriateness of their grade or if the employer reviews the responsibilities of the role and decides a change of grade is required.

You should seek advice from NZSTA about the annual review process by contacting eradvice@nzsta.org.nz or call 0800 782 435 (option 2).

Progressing through steps

From 1 January 2021, teacher aides will continue to progress annually (on the anniversary of their appointment) through the steps within their assigned grade unless the employer takes action to stop it.
If you think a teacher aide has not met the standard outlined in their job description/written requirements for the position, you need to talk to the teacher aide about this at least two months before the date of their annual review.

Progressing through grades B and C

Teacher aides can move within the new B-C grade. However, the movement from B-C step 5 to B-C step 6 is assessed against the skills outlined in the work matrix.

From 1 January 2021, a teacher aide who has been on B-C step 5 (the highest step of the B grade) for at least 12-months, will progress to step 6 unless you think their role remains solely within grade B. The employer must discuss this with the teacher aide at least two months before the date of their annual review.