Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Early Childhood Teachers' Collective Agreement

The variation agreed between the parties on 19 September 2019 is included in this document.

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Terms of Settlement

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu Early Childhood Teachers’ Collective Agreement
Effective: 22 November 2018 to 21 November 2021

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  • 1. Term
    • The term will be for 36 months from the date the collective agreement is signed.

  • 3.Health and Wellbeing Support
    • The collective agreement will be updated as follows:


      3.1.1 Te Kura recognises the importance of Health and Safety.

      New wording added to first sentence of clause 3.1.1 as follows:

      3.1.1 Te Kura and the employees covered by this collective agreement recognise the importance of supporting Health and Safety.

  • 4. Travelling Allowance
    • The collective agreement will be updated as follows:

      The existing clause 5.1 will be replaced by the following text:

      5.1 Travelling Allowance

      5.1.1 Where a teacher is required by the employer to travel within New Zealand on school business the teacher is entitled to actual and reasonable travel, meal and accommodation expenses.

      5.1.2 Any claim pursuant to 5.1.1 must be supported by tax invoice receipts.

      Note: For guidance on what is considered reasonable, in a particular cause, teachers are expected to consult their manager. General guidance is available on the HR section of the Te Kura intranet.

  • 5. Parental Leave
    • The collective agreement will be updated as follows:

      6.8 Parental Leave

      Note: Employees are encouraged to contact the Employment Relations Service on 0800 20 90 20 for more information on parental leave.

      6.8.1 The Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987(external link) provisions apply.

      6.8.2 An employee on parental leave must give at least one month's notice before they return to work, but if they had a miscarriage or stillbirth they may choose to return to work earlier by mutual agreement.

      Note: This does not preclude the employee requesting leave, as appropriate, such as bereavement leave, domestic leave, or special leave.

      6.8.3 In addition to the provisions of 4.5.1, the following also apply:

        1. Employees intending to resign because of pregnancy or childbirth must be advised of their parental leave rights.
        2. Primary carer leave may start at any time during the pregnancy. The employee must give the employer one month's written notice with a medical certificate, but shorter notice will be accepted if a medical practitioner recommends it.
        3. Any primary carer leave taken will not count against the extended leave entitlement.
        4. An employee with less than 52 weeks' service is entitled to 26 weeks' extended leave from the date of birth and or adoption placement. Their employer may choose to grant up to 26 weeks.
        5. Employees on parental leave are still covered by the surplus staffing/school closure provisions of this Agreement.

      6.8.4 Parental Grant

        1. If an employee takes, or is eligible to take primary carer and/or extended leave, they will be paid a lump sum parental grant when they produce a birth certificate or adoption papers. The grant is six weeks' pay at the full salary rate that applied on the day before their leave began. If they worked less than full normal hours for a short time before taking leave, the employer may still give full payment.
        2. If an employee takes primary carer or extended leave for less than six weeks (30 working days), the full grant equivalent to six weeks' salary is still payable. The parental grant is not reduced because salary is received.
        3. If both the employee and their partner are employed in the Public Service or Education Service and are eligible for a parental grant, then they are entitled to only one payment between them, and they may choose who will receive it.
        4. There is no entitlement to a parental grant in the case of miscarriage.
  • 6. Unpaid Refreshment Leave
    • The collective agreement will be updated as follows:

      Insert under 6.10 Unpaid Refreshment Leave (and renumber existing 6.10 to 6.11 and existing 6.11 to 6.12).

      6.10.1 Full-time certificated teachers and part-time certificated teachers employed for at least 0.8 FTTE per week, attested at the experienced teacher level against the professional standards in this Agreement, shall be entitled (subject to 4.9.2) to take a single, one-off period of unpaid refreshment leave of up to 10 weeks after three years' service in the school.

      6.10.2 Entitlement to unpaid refreshment leave in clause 6.10.1 is subject to:

        1. The employer's ability to find a suitable reliever to fill the vacancy created by the teacher taking the leave. A suitable reliever is a teacher who will be able, to the satisfaction of the employer, to relieve in the school during the period of the teacher's leave. The employer shall use reasonable endeavours to find a suitable reliever. Reasonable endeavours in this context means accessing the usual pool of relievers, advertising locally if necessary, and does not require the employer to place more than one advertisement; and
        2. The teacher not being subject to current competency or disciplinary processes at the time that leave is sought; and
        3. The maximum number of early childhood teachers who can be on unpaid refreshment leave at any one time is one.

      6.10.3 Time off on unpaid refreshment leave will count as service for the purposes of salary increments, long service and severance calculations. It will not count for the purposes of sick leave or holiday pay calculations or for entitlement to public holidays.

      6.10.4 A teacher taking unpaid refreshment leave shall not accept employment as a teacher or principal in another state or state-integrated New Zealand school. However, a teacher may agree to undertake occasional day relief work.

  • 7. Technical Updates
    • If minor wording changes are required to this collective agreement due to changes in legislation, the parties will consider the need for a formal variation, in terms of clause 1.6.

  • Signatories
    • This collective Agreement has been signed by the parties in Wellington on 22 November 2018

      Tim Day
      Ministry of Education

      Charmaine Thomson
      New Zealand Educational Institute - NZEI Te Riu Roa 

      Witnessed by:

      Mark Hunt
      Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu