Specialist Residential Schools' Collective Agreement

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Section 6: Allowances and Reimbursement of Expenses | Ngā Pūtea Whiwhi me te Whakahokinga o ngā Moni Utu

Specialist Residential Schools' Collective Agreement:
Effective 11 December 2022 until 30 April 2025

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  • 6.1 Higher Duties and Special Duties Allowance | Te Pūtea Utunga Nui Ake me ngā Utunga Motuhake
    • Higher Duties Allowance

      6.1.1 Where an employee is required to undertake the full duties and responsibilities of a higher graded position for at least 5 consecutive working days and competently discharges these higher duties, she/he will be paid an allowance based on the difference between the salary of the employee acting in the position and the salary the employee would receive if appointed to the higher position.

      6.1.2 Where only some of the duties and responsibilities of a higher graded position are undertaken, the allowance may be paid at a lesser rate. 

      Special Duties Allowance

      6.1.3 Employees required to undertake a project or other duties in addition to their own job may be granted a special duties allowance by mutual agreement with the employer.

  • 6.2 Meal Allowance | Te Pūtea Kai
    • Where an employee has been directed to work not less than 2 hours overtime after a meal break of at least half an hour, or where the return of an employee to the School is unduly delayed because of official duties, and the employee has had to buy a meal which would not otherwise have been bought, the employer will reimburse the cost of the meal on a fair and reasonable basis where receipts are provided.

  • 6.3 Travelling Allowance | Te Pūtea Hāereere
    • 6.3.1 An employee required to travel within NZ on official business will be reimbursed the actual and reasonable cost of accommodation, meals and travel.  Receipts will be required for amounts exceeding $10, or such higher limits determined by the employer. 

      6.3.2 In addition, an incidentals allowance of $7.65 per 24 hours or part thereof, will be paid for incidental expenses not otherwise recoverable.  The period for payment is calculated from the time of departure from the School (or residence) to the time of return to headquarters (or residence). 

      6.3.3 When an employee leaves and returns to the School on the same day the employer may approve reimbursement of actual and reasonable expenses which would not otherwise have been incurred.

  • 6.6 Service Allowance | Te Pūtea Ratonga
    • Subject to conditions laid down by the employer service allowances shall be payable to employees as follows: 

      Period of Continuous Service $ per annum $ per hour
      6 months but less than 12 months 340 0.162
      12 months but less than 2 years 561 0.269
      2 years but less than 3 years 714 0.342
      3 years but less than 4 years 839 0.402
      4 years but less than 5 years 962 0.461
      5 years but less than 6 years 1,086 0.520
      6 years and over 1,181 0.565


        1. Periods of approved leave, with or without pay of less than 3 months duration, will be counted as periods of continuous service for the purposes of this provision.  Any period of approved leave without pay in excess of 3 months will interrupt but not break the continuity of service.
        2. Service allowance is paid during periods of annual leave, sick leave on pay, special leave on pay, retiring and long service leave etc; and increases the hourly rate for the purpose of calculating time related payments.
  • 6.7 Work during School Trips and School Camps | Te Mahi i te wā o ngā hāereere ā-kura
    • 6.7.1 For any school camp or school trip, (including staying overnight) where the employee is required to be in attendance and may be required by circumstance to be awake in the night will be paid at the minimum adult wage rate for any hours worked between 6pm and 8am.

      6.7.2 This clause shall not apply, if hours worked between 6pm and 8am are part of the employee’s normal rostered hours.

      6.7.3 Employees receiving payment under this clause are not entitled to overtime under clause 3.3 of this agreement.

      6.7.4 By mutual agreement, time in lieu may be substituted.