Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists' Collective Agreement

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Part 4: Training and Professional Development

Kaiārahi i te Reo and Therapists' Collective Agreement
Effective 20 June 2022 to 19 December 2024

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  • 4.1 Training
    • 4.1.1 The employer shall consult with employees on training on an annual basis.

      4.1.2 Employees shall be offered such ongoing training as may be necessary as determined by the employer to ensure they maintain up to date skills and knowledge.

      4.1.3 At the discretion of and with the prior agreement of the employer, the following may be granted:

        1. paid leave to attend training that is directly related to their work;
        2. reimbursement of expenses related to training.
  • 4.2 Professional Development
    • 4.2.1 The parties agree that ongoing professional development is an important component of the provision of quality support services within schools. Further the parties acknowledge that the provision of quality support services is aided by appropriately qualified staff.

      4.2.2 Both the employer and employee are responsible for discussing and identifying appropriate professional development opportunities. This should occur on at least a 12 monthly basis and where possible be linked to the annual appraisal process.

      4.2.3 Subject to 4.2.6, a Board may require an employee covered by this agreement to attend professional development opportunities for up to five days in each calendar year. The identification of such opportunities is likely to arise from the process referred to in 4.2.2.

      4.2.4 The most appropriate opportunities may be in term time or during term breaks, and may be during the employee’s normal working hours or outside those hours. When considering such opportunities, the employer will give every reasonable regard to the employee’s external responsibilities and commitments.

      4.2.5 Where an employee considers that they are not being provided with an appropriate professional development opportunity through the process referred to in 4.2.2, the employee may apply to the school board to have their attendance at a particular course approved and reimbursed in accordance with this clause. Such approval will be at the discretion of the school board based on the principles expressed in this clause (4.2).

      4.2.6 Where professional development occurs outside of work hours or on a day not normally worked, the employee shall receive full pay for the time spent at the course, including reasonable travelling time, for a maximum of eight hours per day. In addition the course costs and reasonable expenses shall be met by the board. A minimum of four weeks’ notice of any such course will be given to the employee.

      4.2.7 Where the professional development occurs on a day or days the employee would normally work, the employee will be entitled to have course costs and reasonable expenses paid by the employer in addition to normal wages for the day. Where the course length, including reasonable travelling time, exceeds the hours normally worked on the day, those additional hours shall also be on full pay to a maximum of eight.

      4.2.8 Where the employer requires the employee to use their own vehicle reasonable expenses shall include mileage payments as per 5.1.