Community Education Collective Agreement 2022–25

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Part Three: Remuneration

Community Education Collective Agreement
Effective: 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2025

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  • 3.1 Tutors
    • 3.1.1 The minimum hourly rates for tutors are as follows:

      Step Current From
      1 December 2022
      1 December 2023
      1 $32.56 $34.48 $35.52
      2 $43.24 $45.16 $46.52

      3.1.2 Application of salaries – ACE

      1. An ACE tutor shall be placed on step 1 unless:
        1. The tutor satisfies the coordinator that they have either successfully completed a recognised course in the tutoring of adults or holds a Diploma of Teaching, and has at least 100 hours of adult tutoring experience; or
        2. The tutor has completed 200 hours of ACE tutoring;
        3. The tutor was placed on step 2 of the salary scale prior to this agreement coming into force.
      2. Where (i), (ii) or (iii) above apply, a tutor shall be placed on step 2.
      3. Subject to verification, other experience of tutoring adult students (including in continuing education programmes, polytechnics, universities, colleges of education, and equivalent organisations either in New Zealand or overseas) shall be considered as relevant experience for placement on step 2 under 3.1.2 (a) (i) and (ii).

      Note: Where a tutor is also a fully registered teacher nothing in 3.1.2(a)(i) shall prevent an employer choosing to place that teacher on step 2.

      3.1.3 Application of Salaries - OOMHA

      An OOHMA tutor shall be placed on step 1 unless the tutor has completed 200 hours of OOMHA tutoring.

      3.1.4 Cancelled classes

      1. Cancelled ACE classes - from 5 May 2023 tutors of ACE classes that are cancelled because no students attend shall be paid for one hour only regardless of the normal duration of the class. If the tutor is notified at least twenty-four hours beforehand of the cancellation of the class, no payment will be made.
      2. Cancelled OOHMA classes - from 5 May 2023 the payment of tutors for OOHMA classes that are cancelled and subsequently rescheduled will be made as usual and not delayed to the date of the rescheduled class.
  • 3.2 Coordinators
    • 3.2.1 Teaching Coordinators in all ACE programmes shall (except as provided in 3.2.2) be given a time allowance based on the size of their position, as set out below:

      Size of position
      (Full-time equivalent)
      Time Allowance
      (weekly teaching half days
      per school year)
      0.1 1
      0.2 2
      0.3 3
      0.4 4
      0.5 5
      0.6 6
      0.7 7
      0.8 8
      0.9 9
      1.0 (FT) 10

      Note 1: The above time allowances for a teaching coordinator are based on a teacher’s weekly timetabled hours (e.g., 25 hours per week in the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement, see clause 5.2.2).

      3.2.2 The remuneration rates (and related time allowance) for a Teaching Coordinator who is not concurrently employed as a teacher within the school are the relevant rates within the applicable teachers’ collective agreement. That employee’s other conditions are as per this agreement (including Clause 7.3) except where more advantageous conditions are agreed in writing with the employer.

      3.2.3 The minimum hourly rate of pay for non-teaching coordinators (see Part Two) shall be as follows:

      Grade  Current From
      1 December 2022
      1 December 2023
      Grade one $28.41 $30.33 $31.29
      Grade two $33.29 $35.21 $36.27
      Grade three (annual salary) $79,452 $83,452 $85,956

      3.2.4 In addition to the time allowances/salary outlined in 3.2.1 and the rate specified in 3.2.3, the ACE coordinator with overall responsibility for the programme shall be entitled to receive a responsibility allowance paid at the rate set out in the table below unless they hold a permanent or fixed term unit or units (or 3R payments) for ACE which exceed the relevant payment listed below:

      Size of position
      (Full-time equivalent)
      Annual Allowance
      (current rate)
      0.1 $545
      0.2 $1,089
      0.3 $1,361
      0.4 $1,634
      0.5 $2,178
      0.6 $3,266
      0.7 $3,811
      0.8 $4,900
      0.9 - 1.0 $5,989
  • 3.3 Professional Supervisors
    • The professional supervisors' minimum hourly rate of pay is as follows:

      Current From
      1 December 2022
      1 December 2023
      $48.89 $50.81 $52.34
  • 3.4 Coordinator Assistants
    • The coordinator assistants' minimum hourly rate of pay is as follows:

      Current From
      1 December 2022
      1 December 2023
      $25.94 $27.68 $28.82


  • 3.5 Hours of Work
    • Employees will be paid for all hours required to perform their role, as agreed by the employer and employee. The employee’s step or grade (if applicable) and their hours will be recorded in writing at the time of employment and set in accordance with the requirements of the role. Any subsequent agreed changes to hours of work will be recorded in writing.

      In addition to tuition, examples of role requirements to be counted towards the paid hours of tutors include:

      • Lesson planning and preparation
      • Preparation of resources
      • Administration, meetings, and reporting
      • Student activities, including examination preparation