Starting a centre-based ECE service

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Managing your service

Managing is doing the day-to-day things at the service so your long-term plan is achieved. As an example, if you are buying some new books for the children, you are managing.

When you are managing, it is important to make sure you hear and respond to the views and concerns of the coordinator and the educators. It is important the management group does not take over or interfere with the educators’ responsibilities.

Every service is different. In some big services there can be separate governance and management groups. In smaller services there is often one group that is responsible for both governing and managing.

Managing includes such things as:

  • making sure the regulations are met on a daily basis
  • preparing budgets and financial accounts
  • implementing the goals and policies
  • buying and looking after resources
  • making sure families and the community are up to date with what is happening with the service.

The governance group is responsible for developing and reviewing the service’s policies. The management group will be responsible for developing and implementing procedures that bring the policies to life. It is important that the management group knows that it is its responsibility to ensure the efficient administration of the service, accurate financial accountability, and the funding received is used towards achieving the goals of the service.