Starting a centre-based ECE service

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Annual plan

An annual plan is an important part of the smooth operation of an ECE service.  An annual plan is required to meet the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 regulation 47(external link) and licensing criterion GMA8.

  • What is an annual plan for?
    • An annual plan provides a method for tracking the progress of some of the key tasks your service needs to complete regularly, as well as specific 'one off' projects. For some projects you will need to develop much more detailed time lines identifying 'who, what, when'.

  • Download an example annual plan
    • The example plan [DOC, 48 KB] has been designed for you to use and change to suit the needs of your service. Alternatively, you could make your own.

      An annual plan allows you to easily tick items off as you go and check progress – for example, at monthly management meetings.  You can ensure that tasks are spread over the year and in the right order.

      Remember this is not an exhaustive plan and the headings may or may not suit your service; it is designed to give you some ideas only.