Early learning regulatory advisory group

The Ministry has an established advisory group that contributes perspectives and advice on regulatory policy work.

About the early learning regulatory advisory group

As part of the Ministry’s Early Learning Regulatory Review, which started in 2020, we established an advisory group to contribute their perspectives and advice.

The group has continued to advise on and inform the Ministry’s ECE regulatory policy work throughout the review, and our current work programme.

The group includes representatives from early childhood education services and peak sector bodies.

See the advisory group terms of reference [PDF, 214 KB].

Minutes from previous meetings

Documents from previous meetings with the advisory group that have been released can be found below.

March 2021 minutes [PDF, 267 KB]

March 2021 presentation [PDF, 6.4 MB]

April 2021 minutes [PDF, 265 KB]

June 2021 minutes [PDF, 233 KB]

January 2022 minutes [PDF, 224 KB]

May 2022 minutes [PDF, 230 KB]

August 2022 minutes [PDF, 231 KB]

August 2022 presentation [PDF, 527 KB]

September 2022 minutes [PDF, 270 KB]

September 2022 presentation [PDF, 578 KB]

October 2022 minutes [PDF, 243 KB]

October 2022 presentation [PDF, 395 KB]

January 2023 minutes [PDF, 292 KB]

January 2023 Presentation [PDF, 396 KB]

February 2023 minutes [PDF, 235 KB]

February 2023 presentation [PDF, 376 KB]

April 2023 minutes [PDF, 231 KB]

April 2023 presentation [PDF, 352 KB]

May 2023 minutes [PDF, 228 KB]

July 2023 minutes [PDF, 238 KB]

August 2023 minutes [PDF, 247 KB]

November 2023 minutes [PDF, 233 KB]


If you have any questions about the advisory group or the Ministry’s ECE regulatory policy work, email earlylearning.regulatoryreview@education.govt.nz.

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