Early Learning Regulatory Update – February 2020

Regulatory reminders for the early learning sector for February 2020 including checking your contact information is up-to-date.

Is your funding contact person and service provider contact person up-to-date?

We find that some early learning services are confused about the two roles. So, here is a quick reminder.

Funding contact

As the name suggests, this person is the main point of contact between the Ministry and the service on all matters relating to funding e.g. funding claims, equity funding, missing financial information. It makes sense that this person knows what was claimed and has access to financial information. We also use this person’s contact email address for sending remittances.

Service provider contact

The service provider contact represents the service on all matters. They must have authority to act on behalf of the service and they must reside locally. Unlike the funding contact, the service provider contact is a role described in the regulations and the person is named on the certificate of licence.

Making sure we have the right name and contact details for both roles helps ensure speedy resolution when issues arise. Changing the funding contact or service provider contact is a simple process through the EC8 Application to amend form. If you have any questions, please contact your local Ministry office.

Local Ministry offices


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