Early Learning Funding Update – February 2020

Funding reminders for the Early Learning Sector for February 2020 including upcoming financial reporting and operational funding key dates.

RS7 return update

On 2 March we will pay the next instalment of ECE funding to services that submitted their RS7 Return up to and including 10 February.

Services that submit their RS7 return after 10 February, but before 6 March, will receive their funding payment on Friday, 20 March.

Emails acknowledging receipt of the RS7 returns are sent out to services. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email within 2 working days of your submission, please check your student management system or ELI reports and contact us.

Funding notices are posted to services on the payment date. We do not provide confirmation of amounts payable prior to this date.

Discretionary Hours Reporting

A reminder that from February 2020 services are required to submit to us a record of the total number of discretionary hours they have used in a funding period. This record must be submitted with the service’s RS7.  

The form is available to download on the funding and data page of our website. If no hours have been used, then no submission is required.

Funding and data - Education website

Completed forms should be returned, by post, to ECE Operational Funding, PO Box 1666, Wellington, or by email to ECE.Funding@education.govt.nz.

For more details on the requirements around using discretionary hours please see Chapter 3-B-2 of the Funding Handbook.

3-B-2 Teach-led education and care services - The Funding Handbook

Funding Contact Details

A reminder to ensure that the details for your service’s funding contact person, name, address and email, are kept up to date. To update your details please contact your local Ministry office. If you are unsure if your details are correct, your local office will be able to advise you of what details are currently on record. It is important that your funding contact details are correct to ensure that your information and funding is provided to the right person.

Further Information

  • For information about the funding rules, please refer to the ECE Funding Handbook
  • Information about the electronic RS7 Returns and ELI is available on the ELI Homepage(external link).
  • For any questions, or if you need to discuss any funding issues, please contact Resourcing Support, Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm
  • For any licensing or general operational matters, contact your local Ministry office.  Please contact your local office if you require any updates to your service’s contact details.

ECE key funding dates for 2020 are published on education.govt.nz.

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