Playgroup Funding Handbook

The Playgroup Funding Handbook provides information about how playgroup funding is calculated and the conditions which need to be met to receive funding in accordance with section 548 of the Education and Training Act 2020(external link).

Claiming Playgroup Funding

  • Maximum to be Claimed
    • There are no restrictions on the number of days or hours a certificated playgroup can operate during a week. However, no child may attend for more than 4 hours per day, and no playgroup may claim funding for more than 4 hours per day for any child attending.

      Playgroups can be funded for a maximum average of 25 children between birth and 6 years of age for each playgroup session (when averaged over the 10-week period).

  • Calculating Playgroup Funding
    • Playgroup operational funding is calculated using the formula below:

      The funding rate X the average number of children attending X the hours per week the group operates X weeks of operation over the 6-month period.

  • Example
    • Happy Days Playgroup has an average of 8 children and operates 20 hours per week. The playgroup expects to operate for 19 weeks over this 6-month period.

      They could claim: $1.83 x 8 x 20 x 19 = $5,563.20.

  • Statutory Holidays
    • Playgroup operational funding can only be claimed for statutory holidays if the playgroup was operating on that day and children attended.

  • Notional Roll
    • Where a playgroup has an average number of children attending that is greater than zero but less than five, this will be rounded up to five.