ECE Funding Handbook

Welcome to the ECE Funding Handbook. This handbook is issued under section 548(5) of the Education and Training Act 2020.

Funding of certain services and certified playgroups – NZ Legislation(external link)

The funding paid to licensed services is paid subject to the terms and conditions set out under this handbook and must be complied with. The terms used in this handbook are based in the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008.

This handbook is designed to be a 'one-stop-shop' of everything you need to know about early childhood funding, including:

  • the ECE Funding Subsidy
  • 20 Hours ECE funding
  • equity funding
  • the annual top-up for isolated services

This information does not apply to certificated playgroups

The information in the Funding Handbook does not apply to certificated playgroups.

These services should contact their Ministry regional office for further information.

Local Ministry offices

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4-4 Record keeping requirements

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  • 20 Hours ECE record keeping requirements
    • Services must keep records of fees, donations and optional charges received from parents. Records must show the type of payment received – fee, donation or optional charge.

      Services must also continue to meet the requirements for recording enrolment, attendance and absence in Chapter 6, and the record keeping requirements in Chapter 11.

  • Enrolment Agreement Form
    • The sections marked with this symbol ♦, in the Ministry of Education’s sample Enrolment Agreement Form must be included in the service’s Enrolment Agreement Form. Wording cannot be changed, except to add relevant details for your service.

      For more information on enrolment records see Chapter 6 of this Handbook.

  • Recording parent contributions
    • Services must keep the following records of fees, donations and optional charges received from parents:

      • records of optional charge agreements must be part of the Enrolment Agreement Form
      • records of fees and donations may be kept on Enrolment Agreement Form or invoices
      • records should show the type of payment received – fee, donation or optional charge.
  • Home-based ECE services
    • When the parent directly pays the home-based educator, services must keep a record of all payments made for 20 Hours ECE that occur between any of the following parties: parent, educator and service provider.