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Changes to the Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2022-25

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Sick Leave Translation


Translation from a teacher’s current table-based entitlement to the proposed allocation shall occur on 28 January 2024. Translation will be based on the years of service accrued under the teacher’s current table-based entitlement and the corresponding allocation for the accrued years of service, less sick leave taken, but no teacher shall be allocated a sick leave balance of less than 10 days.

Examples of translation:

A teacher with 2 years of accrued service will have an accumula…

4.1 Salary Scales

4.1 Salary Scales

This collective agreement provides a base scale for trained teachers and for untrained teachers.

4.1.1 Base Salary Scale – Trained Teachers

This base salary scale applies to all certificated teachers (including Provisionally Certificated and Subject to Confirmation categories but not Limited Authority to Teach) by the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand as they are considered, for the purposes of this clause, to be trained and qualified as teachers to teach in NZ.


Salary on Appointment

Note: These provisions shall be applied in accordance with any administrative conditions that were in effect at the commencement of this Agreement. Nothing in these provisions shall be read as extending any entitlement beyond that which existed at the commencement of this Agreement except as may be expressly agreed to by the Secretary for Education after consultation with the Association.

1. General

1.1 Salary on appointment depends on qualifications and credit for previous service as set out…

7.1 Travelling Expenses

… use of the teacher’s own vehicle) shall, on application, be paid a travelling allowance as follows:

Accommodation — reimbursement of accommodation costs on an actual and reasonable basis;
Meals — standard travelling allowance meal rate as specified in Appendix D;
Incidentals — incidentals allowance, as specified in Appendix D for each 24 hour period and additional part thereof spent travelling.

7.1.2 When the teacher leaves and returns to the teacher’s school on the same day, travelling allow…

Terms of Settlement

… 1,340 allowances available nationally from 28 January 2025. These allowances will be apportioned by roll and weighted to the Equity Index.

6. Increase to motor vehicle allowance rate

The parties agree to increase the reimbursement rates provided in Appendix D, clause 1.5 for motor vehicles and motorcycles from the date the new collective agreement is settled as follows:

the motor vehicle allowance rate increases from 62 cents per kilometre to 83 cents per kilometre.
the motorcycle rate incre…

8.1 Eligibility

8.1.1 A teacher who holds a permanent or long-term relieving position is eligible for removal expenses in the following circumstances as set out in Appendix C in the following circumstances:

Relocating to another housing district

Criteria / Definition

Moving from employment in a State or State Integrated school to employment in a different State or State Integrated school

Appointment to a position on promotion
Promotion is defined as an appointment to a position carr…

8.2 Entitlement

8.2.1 Teachers eligible for removal expenses under 8.1 of this Part are entitled to the following expenses, grants and allowances as appropriate as specified in Appendix C:

Travelling expenses;
Accommodation expenses;
Rent subsidy;
Furniture removal;
Legal fees and land agent’s commission;
Penalty mortgage repayment charges;
Transfer grant;
Leave and expenses for a teacher separated from their dependants to visit them, including to assist with their transfer to the new location;
Expenses for a…

7.2 Meal Allowance

7.2.1 Any teacher is entitled to the meal allowance at the rate specified in Appendix D when:

Absence from the teacher’s school over the lunch-break is not a common occurrence, and warning was not given on the previous working day that the teacher would be required to be absent from the school over the lunch-break;
The teacher finds it necessary (while absent from school) to lunch with a school business associate;
By reason of attention to official duties, a teacher’s return to the school at th…

4.2 Application of Salaries

(See also Start of Year clause 3.2A.)

4.2.1 Qualification Groups for Salary Purposes

A teacher’s qualification group will be determined by reference to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. It is noted that the G3+ salary group requires both Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand registration and the Level 7 subject/specialist qualification.
Except where otherwise provided in this agreement, a teacher shall be held at the maximum point of the salary scale for their qualification group.…

7.3 Field Allowance

7.3.1 Teachers are entitled to the field allowance specified in Appendix D, clause 1.4, when supervising students attending a school camp or school trip for more than one complete day. Where a teacher receives the field allowance the incidentals allowance shall not be payable.

11.3 Procedures for Determining Surplus Staffing

11.3.1 The provisions below replace Clauses 3.9.1-3.9.9 and Appendix H of this agreement. These provisions apply only to an employee appointed as a permanent secondary teacher at Te Kura.

Note: Trained beginning teachers in their first year have absolute protection and their positions cannot be considered for disestablishment.

11.3.2 Analysis of Staffing Requirements

Analysis of staffing requirements must be initiated when one or more of the following events indicates to the employer that it…

7.4 Use of Private Vehicles for Official Business

7.4.1 Where any teacher is:

Required by the employer to use their own vehicle for official business the teacher is entitled to the motor vehicle allowance at the rate specified in Appendix D or equivalent public transport fares where applicable.
Attending a school camp and providing the official emergency vehicle or an authorised substitute, the teacher is entitled to the motor vehicle allowance at the rate specified in Appendix D.

7.4.2 A motor vehicle allowance shall be paid to itinerant tea…

11.4 Off-Site Allowance

11.4.1 The provisions below replace Clause 7.3 of this agreement.

11.4.2 All employees on official Te Kura business where meals are provided by the employer and who are not receiving the travelling allowance set out in Clause 7.1 and Appendix D shall be paid a $15.00 per night off-site allowance for each night spent away from home.

11.4.3 When as a result of such business an employee is unable to return to home or the school (whichever is appropriate) until after 1pm on the final day, but ther…

7.7 Allowances for Relieving Teachers

… Relieving teachers in short-term positions may be granted assistance towards their daily travelling expenses to and from school as follows:

If public transport is not available, the teacher shall be paid a transport allowance at a rate specified in Appendix D for the distance involved less the first twenty kilometres each day; or
If public transport is available, the cost of fares for the full distance involved shall be refunded to the teacher except when the principal or head teacher of the s…

7.9 Tea Allowance

7.9.1 A tea allowance is payable at a rate, which must not exceed the rate specified in Appendix D, proportionately to take account, at least nominally, of school vacations and other paid leave of absence, to teachers who do not already receive free morning and afternoon tea.

3.9 Surplus Staffing and Merger Provisions

3.9.1 Application of Provisions in This Part

The following provisions set out the processes and entitlements applicable where in a school (or centre), other than the Correspondence School, either a surplus staffing or merger process has been initiated. The provisions related to an employer initiated reorganisation are set out in clauses 3.9.2 and 3.9.3A.1 to 3.9.3A.4 below.  The provisions that apply to the Correspondence School are in Part Eleven of this agreement. Attention is drawn…