Calendar of key Ministry dates

This calendar has information that we know now and/or will be notifying you about in 2024. It is not exhaustive but we will keep you informed via the bulletin or with updates to the calendar throughout the year.

Instructions for how to add these dates to your own calendar are below.

2024 key dates for the school sector

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Subscribe to the calendar

Subscribing to the calendar will mean you will receive updates as they happen.

If you use Gmail, you can click the Google calendar button in the bottom right corner in the calendar to add to your own Gmail calendar.

If you use Outlook, Apple iCal or Mozilla Lightning calendars, you can subscribe from your calendar.

  1. Open your calendar.
  2. Select add or open a new calendar and select the from internet option.
  3. Copy and paste this URL:

Adding the calendar from the iCal file

If your calendar application does not have a subscribe option, you can download the calendar file to your desktop and then upload it to your own calendar.

Calendar file

If you use this option you will need to periodically download and upload this file to your calendar a couple of times a year to ensure you have the latest dates.

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