Tāhūrangi is here, the new home for online teaching resources

Tāhūrangi, our new digital home for curriculum content, teaching resources, and news, is now live.

We know that finding suitable teaching resources is harder for people than it has to be. The new platform is designed to make that experience quicker and easier.

Tāhūrangi has content that supports effective teaching and learning across:

  • Te Whāriki: He Whāriki mātauranga mō ngā mokopuna o Aotearoa Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
  • The New Zealand Curriculum, and, in time
  • Te Whāriki a Te Kōhanga Reo.

Whānau, parents, and caregivers can also access resources and information to help ākonga with their learning.


Tāhūrangi is full of the features of a modern curriculum hub, making it easy to find, organise, download and share resources and teaching materials.

Key benefits that make Tāhūrangi helpful when planning teaching and learning:

  • bilingual te reo Māori/English search functions, which means you can search using one language and find results in both
  • a range of search filters so that users can quickly find the resources they need
  • the ability to quickly download resources.

Additional features

Users can sign in to Tāhūrangi using their Education Sector Logon to access additional features personalised for their account. They can:

  • organise and save resources to create their own collections, which they can easily access later
  • share those collections with other users that have a Tāhūrangi profile
  • save language preferences.

Explore Tāhūrangi

Curriculum content, teaching materials and news – Tāhūrangi(external link)

Access all features

To access all the features on Tāhūrangi, you will need an Education Sector Logon (ESL). Learn how to apply for one.

How to get an ESL – Applications & Online Systems(external link)

Content reviews

The content available on Tāhūrangi now is just the start. In the future, all our new curriculum content, resources, and teaching materials will also be released on the new platform.

We are still moving content from our existing websites to the new platform, and we are reviewing all that content to make sure that it is relevant to your teaching and learning. This includes fixing a few minor technical issues we have identified which are explained in more detail on Tāhūrangi.

Going forward, we will have an ongoing review process for Tāhūrangi to make sure that all materials and resources stay up to date and aligned with any future changes to curriculum, assessment and aromatawai.

What this means for our existing websites

Eventually, Tāhūrangi will replace TKI, Kauwhata Reo and Te Whāriki Online so that you know exactly where to go to find the content that supports your ākonga.

That means that as Tāhūrangi becomes the main home for our curriculum materials and resources, we will be making some changes to the way you access those websites.

We will let users know before we make the changes to the way they access our existing websites. That way, they have time to make the move to Tāhūrangi.

Planned changes


Once we complete the process of moderating and moving content from our TKI sites, those sites will be made unavailable.

Kauwhata Reo

Content related to Kauwhata Reo will be loaded onto Tāhūrangi over time, with a small number of resources accessible initially. In the meantime, you will still be able to access existing resources, and we will keep you posted as we load more material onto Tāhūrangi. After we have reviewed and moved all suitable content from Kauwhata Reo, the site will be made unavailable.

Te Whāriki Online

All of the content related to 'Te Whāriki: He whāriki mātauranga mō nga mokopuna o Aotearoa Early Childhood Curriculum' is available on Tāhūrangi. This means that this part of Te Whāriki Online will soon be retired and will no longer be accessible.

'Te Whāriki a Te Kōhanga Reo' will be available for you to access through a link on the Tāhūrangi homepage to Te Whāriki Online. The material will be migrated directly onto Tāhūrangi. We will let you know when this has been completed.

Navigation and redirection

While we move content onto Tāhūrangi from the existing websites, you might notice some changes to them. For example, you may be redirected from Tāhūrangi to the existing site if the content hasn’t already been moved.

Stay connected

We will keep you updated through this website, as well as through the curriculum newsletters for early learning and schools and kura.

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