Police advice for schools targeted by concerning emails

NZ Police have advised us this morning that a number of organisations, including several schools, are again being targeted by a concerning email campaign.

  • Police have noted that they are confident that the emails are from the same source.
  • They do not believe there is any actual threat to the organisations receiving the emails.
  • They are asking that anyone who receives the emails continues to report them to Police to assist with their ongoing enquiries to identify the origin of the emails.

Concerning emails received by organisations today – NZ Police(external link)

Update on concerning emails being received – NZ Police(external link)

The schools involved are doing an excellent job providing up-to-date information to their students, staff and parent communities. They continue to assure their communities that everything that needs to be done is being done and safety and wellbeing is the top priority.

What to do in an emergency situation

In all cases, where an emergency or threatening situation occurs, your school should follow the emergency policies and procedures you have in place and work with and follow the advice of the appropriate emergency service.

In the case of a threat of violence, the appropriate agency would be NZ Police.

Our local Te Mahau offices are available to provide support if needed.

Local Ministry offices

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