Broader outcomes through supplier diversity

With support from our partner Amotai, a small Māori-owned demolition company finds confidence to bid on a major works project at Henderson Intermediate School.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education became the second government agency to partner with Amotai, Aotearoa’s supplier diversity intermediary. We’ve built this relationship as part of our commitment to achieving broader outcomes through our procurement activities, particularly in increasing opportunities for New Zealand businesses – including Māori and Pasifika businesses – to access government contracts and opportunities.

As one of the biggest investors in construction in Aotearoa New Zealand, our goal is to do our fair share in helping Māori and Pasifika businesses thrive. Through our relationship with Amotai, we aim to support and build the capability of Māori and Pasifika businesses we engage with, so they become more confident to submit tenders or bid for government contracts in the future.

In line with Te Kupenga Hao Pāuaua(external link) (the progressive government procurement policy), the Ministry is providing direct opportunities to Māori-owned businesses to respond to lower-value tenders concerning construction works.

Successful first engagement with an Amotai-verified supplier

Auckland-based Clear Site Demolition Ltd is the first supplier we’ve engaged under this partnership. This small, but capable, team of seven has delivered and impressed the Ministry with their quality service and work ethics, which led to the safe and timely completion of the asbestos removal and demolition project at Henderson Intermediate School in Auckland.

Our Delivery Manager Shareena Denny says it has been a pleasure working with the team, starting from the tender stage all the way through to project completion.

“Their professionalism and can-do attitude were greatly appreciated over a very constrained project timeframe,” she says.

School Principal Wendy Esera shares, “They had great communication and sent through daily reports of completed work with photos. They would let us know daily when they arrived and when they were leaving to ensure that we set the alarms at the right times and the school was secure.”

“There was no damage to other buildings, nor was there any mess left when the job was completed. The work was completed within the required school holiday timeframe.”

Helping small businesses thrive

Rocky Haddon, business owner of Clear Site Demolition Ltd acknowledges the role that Amotai played in helping them put forward a proper tender document that landed them the job.

“We've had the opportunity to tender for government work previously, but like many smaller or growing businesses, we were apprehensive as to how we go about it. This time around with Amotai’s support, we were able to tap into the wealth of experience that Eddie Te Paa kindly provided to us. His invaluable advice, resources and his mana gave us the support to be confident in what we presented to the Ministry of Education,” he says.

While Haddon is confident about his team of seven demolition experts’ capacity to deliver, he explains that they simply don’t have the resources needed to even just get their foot in the door.

“A lot of companies of our size wouldn’t have the capacity to prepare and submit a professional tender with confidence. The amount of time and work required to put something like this together was a stretch at the time, but we are stronger for that now,” he says.

Winning their first contract with the Ministry and successfully completing the Henderson Intermediate School project helped boost his team’s morale.

“It is a reassuring confirmation for us that we have what it takes – skills and expertise – to work on major government projects. Going forward, we’re much more confident in our abilities to achieve these sorts of targets,” Haddon says.

“It also makes the tendering process feel less onerous. It was just a matter of stepping quietly through the hurdles – now, we can run the race!”

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