Applications for Creatives in Schools open 16 June

Kura and schools can apply from 16 June until 21 August 2023 for projects to be implemented in 2024.

Up to $17,000 funding per project.

The Creatives in Schools programme enables teachers to partner with professional artists and creative practitioners to develop and run learning experiences for ākonga.  

Projects can cover various artforms from ngā toi Māori, visual arts, performance arts, digital arts to Pacific arts.  

The programme continues to receive positive feedback from participants. Evaluations of the programme has found that teachers became more confident to design teaching and learning projects that engage students’ creativity across the learning areas of the curriculum.  


“Feedback from parents and whānau after experiencing the production was overwhelmingly positive. Just as with the students and teachers, the project engendered a strong feeling of belonging and strengthened our unique community. Whānau were particularly impressed with the organic nature of the project, the fact that the story grew from the children’s own inquiry into the history of our school.” - Lead Teacher 

“[We are] giving children a rich immersive experience in the arts. The excitement for children of working with a 'real' artist allows them to see this career as a possibility for themselves. Giving children who may not excel in more academic subjects a place to shine. It was very powerful for the children to see a project go from their own design to actually getting made. For the Creative and I, letting the children drive the design process, allowed for much more creative outcomes and built their sense of ownership in the project.” – Lead Teacher 


The latest evaluation of Creatives in Schools is available on Education Counts.  

Creatives in Schools Programme Evaluation Report (Round 2) 2021 – Education Counts(external link) 

Programme will be available every year 

Creatives in Schools will continue to be available every year for kura and schools to apply for. Up to 153 projects will be selected each round.  

The application period will run every June to August. Projects that were selected each round will be implemented in the following school year.  

We encourage principals and teachers to include these timeframes in their school planning calendar if they are keen to run a creative project. 

For more information, visit our Creatives in Schools website. 

Creatives in Schools – Te Kete Ipurangi(external link)  

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