Te Whatu Pōkeka (English)

This resource aims to stimulate debate and to encourage people to share their experiences and views on the ideas, suggestions, and practices within it. It is hoped that kaupapa Māori early childhood services will then be able to validate, share, and build on the values, philosophies, and practices related to assessment based on kaupapa Māori.

The early childhood centres involved in the development of Te Whatu Pōkeka: Kaupapa Māori Learning and Assessment Exemplar Project

Discussions began in 2003 with a small number of kaupapa Māori, whānau-based centres across the country. Interest was high. However, during the project, a number of centres withdrew and were replaced with others. Work was completed in 2006 with five centres:

  • Best of Both Worlds, South Auckland;
  • Ngā Kākano o Te Kaihanga, West Auckland;
  • Pākōwhai Te Kōhanga Reo, Gisborne;
  • Te Kōhanga Reo o Mana Tamariki, Palmerston North;
  • Te Kōhanga Reo o Ngā Kuaka, Hamilton.

The diversity and richness that each centre brought to this project highlighted their unique and distinctive qualities. These are reflected in their individual philosophies and theoretical understandings. Within this individuality, however, there are clear links to the principles identified in the overarching philosophy of this project.

Centre journeys

The centres’ journeys outline the contexts of each centre, their individual philosophies, and the understandings of their kaimahi about learning and assessment at the beginning of the project. They illustrate the challenges; how these were overcome; and the new learning, knowledge, and wisdom that emerged as the journey progressed.