Establishing a certificated playgroup

'Establishing a certificated playgroup' has been developed to guide parents through the process of establishing a playgroup. It contains information to help you set up a quality playgroup in your community.

The Ministry of Education employs staff in its regional offices to work with parents establishing playgroups and assist them to work towards certification.

Their particular focus is on the set up, delivery and maintenance of quality early childhood education programmes for children.

Contact your local Ministry of Education office if you are interested in establishing a certificated playgroup.

Local Ministry of Education offices

Managing the financial side of setting up a playgroup

It does not need to be expensive to start a playgroup. It is a good idea to work out a budget so that the group knows right from the start how much money they will need to set up and run the playgroup. While many items can be donated to the group or collected for free other costs may include:

  • rent and bond for the premises
  • play equipment
  • matting or carpet
  • food and drink for children and adults (or will they bring their own?)
  • electricity
  • first aid kit
  • administration costs such as photocopying.

Your group will need to open a bank account in the name of the playgroup (or organising body) to receive Ministry of Education funding if you choose to become certificated.

Your group will need to consider how to cover costs before receiving Ministry of Education funding if your playgroup becomes certificated, or how costs will be covered if you do not receive Ministry of Education funding. In some groups parents make regular financial contributions but in other groups no parental contribution is required. Groups can raise funds themselves, eg, through donations, fundraising, community grants or from other agencies.

Some funding for set up costs is available for eligible groups from the Ministry of Education. Information about funding is included in the Being eligible for funding section of this publication. You could also talk to the staff at your local Ministry of Education office for more information.