English and maths learning areas released

The Ministry of Education released the refreshed English and mathematics and statistics learning areas today.

The Ministry is two years into a six-year programme to refresh 'The New Zealand Curriculum'. Content for each learning area are being developed and released in phases.

Te ao tangata | social sciences was released in 2022. English and mathematics and statistics are the second and third learning areas to be released.

The refreshed curriculum will give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and will be inclusive, clear about the learning that matters, and easy to use from year 0 to year 13.

Te Mātaiaho | the refreshed curriculum framework is expected to be released in Term 3, 2023.

Schools and kura will have until the beginning of 2027 to start using the fully refreshed curriculum, but starting to use the available learning areas sooner rather than later will allow time to help them with the transition.

The Ministry has also released guidance and supports for implementing te ao tangata | social sciences learning area today, which outline the change process to help the education sector plan and design for change.

A self-guided module on the Progression Model is also now available on the Curriculum Refresh website.

Guidance and supports for English and mathematics and statistics are being developed now, to be available in Term 3, 2023.

Refreshing The New Zealand Curriculum | Curriculum Refresh (education.govt.nz)(external link)

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