Forms for assistive technology

The following information sheets and forms will help you manage assistive technology equipment in your school.

Assistive techology information sheets

Assistive techology information sheet — Assessment framework [DOCX, 331 KB]

Assistive techology information sheet — Auditory Processing Disorder [DOCX, 64 KB]

Assistive technology information sheet — Eligibility [DOCX, 57 KB]

Assistive techology information sheet — Insurance and repairs [DOCX, 67 KB]

Assistive technology information sheet — Joint funding [DOCX, 57 KB]

Assistive technology information sheet — Leaving school [DOCX, 53 KB]

Assistive technology information sheet — Peer review [DOCX, 57 KB]

Assistive technology — Replacement of damaged or lost hearing equipment [DOCX, 53 KB]

Assistive techology information sheet — Schools [DOCX, 55 KB]

Assistive technology information sheet — Special Assessment Conditions [DOCX, 55 KB]

Assistive technology forms

The Assessment and application form is used by schools applying for assistive technology equipment.

Assistive technology form — Assessment and application [DOCX, 170 KB]

The Transfer form is used by schools when equipment is no longer required, if the student leaves schools or if the student changes schools.

Assistive technology form — Transfer  [DOCX, 134 KB]

The Repair or replacement form is used when a school requires repairs to or replacement of assistive technology.

Assistive technology form — Repair or replacement [DOCX, 143 KB]

The Management plan template is used by schools to care and manage the allocated technology.

Assistive technology template — Management plan [DOCX, 129 KB]

A variation form is use if there's a change in cost from a school's original application.

Assistive technology form — Variation [DOCX, 58 KB]

The Training plan form is used for very specialised technology where external training is required.

Assistive technology form — Training plan [DOCX, 132 KB]

The Review form is completed by a school after assistive technology has been allocated for 6 months or more.

Assistive technology form — Review [DOCX, 129 KB]

The Loan form is used when assistive technology is on loan to your school for trial as part of the assistive technology assessment process for a particular student.

Assistive technology form — Loan [DOCX, 130 KB]

To apply for joint funding (between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health).

Assistive technology application form — Joint funding [DOC, 271 KB]

Application forms for specialist use only

Assistive technology — Furniture application form (Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy use only) [DOCX, 163 KB]

Assistive technology — Hearing application form (for AoDC or ASSIST use only) [DOCX, 152 KB]

Assistive technology — Vision application form (for Resource Teacher Vision use only) [DOCX, 193 KB]

Assistive technology — Auditory Processing Disorder application form [DOCX, 158 KB]

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