Forms for assistive technology

The following forms and information sheets can help when considering applying for, or supporting assistive technology use in your school.

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  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Specialist Staff
  • Parents, Caregivers and Whānau
  • Boards

Many of the forms on this index page must be completed and submitted in order for a school to receive and appropriately manage assistive technology for their students.

Form Used Further information
Assistive technology form  Assessment and application [DOCX, 173 KB] By schools to apply for assistive technology

Applying for assistive technology

Assistive technology form  Transfer [DOCX, 137 KB] By schools, if the student changes schools or the student leaves school. Also when equipment is no longer required When a student transfers or leaves school
Assistive technology form  Repair or replacement [DOCX, 147 KB] By school when the Ministry funded assistive technology requires repairs or replacement Loss, repairs and maintenance of equipment
Assistive technology template  Management plan [DOCX, 133 KB] By schools to plan for the safety, care and management of the allocated assistive technology Setting up and managing the assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Variation [DOCX, 62 KB] If there's a change in cost from a school's original application Applying for assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Training plan [DOCX, 77 KB] When very specialised Ministry funded assistive technology is requiring additional specialised training for use in the school Setting up and managing the assistive technology
Assistive technology form  Review [DOCX, 132 KB] By a school when the allocated assistive technology has been used by the student for 6 months or more

Assistive technology form  Loan [DOCX, 133 KB] When our assistive technology is on loan to your school, for trial, as part of the assistive technology assessment/application process for a particular student



Assistive technology  Auditory Processing Disorder application form [DOCX, 160 KB] By school when their student has an audiologists diagnosis of APD and requires assistive technology to support learning in school Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
Assistive technology application form  Joint funding [DOC, 268 KB] To apply for joint funding (between the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health)

Applying for assistive technology

Joint Funding Information sheet(external link)

Application forms for specialist use only

Assistive technology  Furniture application form (Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy use only) [DOCX, 171 KB] [DOCX, 171 KB]

Assistive technology  Hearing application form (for AoDC or Resource Teacher of the Deaf use only) [DOCX, 154 KB]

Assistive technology  Vision application form (for Resource Teacher Vision use only) [DOCX, 194 KB]

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