Entitlement staffing

Every year your board of trustees receives entitlement staffing to help you employ teachers.

About entitlement staffing

Entitlement staffing gives your board of trustees a stable base from which to make long-term decisions about providing for your students’ needs.

Entitlement staffing is derived from your school rolls for each year level using a formula. It’s made up of 3 components.

  • Curriculum staffing 
  • Management staffing 
  • Guidance staffing (for composite, restricted composite, specialist and secondary schools only)

Curriculum staffing

Management staffing

Guidance staffing

Entitlement staffing also drives the calculation of salary units, and middle management and senior management allowances.

Salary units, and middle management and senior management allowances

Banking staffing gives you the flexibility to manage your annual staffing entitlement and usage.

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