Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero

The bulletin is our central channel for communicating key information to school leaders. It includes what school leaders need to know and action, local news, events and more.

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Latest regular issue

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 142 - 11 May 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Education and Training Amendment Bill (No 2): Consultation on proposed changes
  • Guidance for consulting on school rules (bylaws)
  • Please use Attendance Code O for absences due to ‘family reunification purposes’
  • Term 1 attendance (Every Day Matters) collection ends this week
  • Updated public service pay guidance

Need to know

  • Webinar events on PLD
  • Confirmed staffing process for permanent teaching appointments
  • Please help confirm the range of work performed by administration staff for their pay equity claim
  • Consulting on speed limits around schools
  • Accord Teacher Only Days 2021 for secondary schools
  • Te oranga me te haumaru ākonga: Tertiary and international ākonga safety and wellbeing consultation ends 21 May
  • Te Rito rollout underway
  • Applications open for Better Start Literacy Approach
  • Professional Learning and Development update
  • Regionally allocated PLD for cultural capability

Heads up

  • Techweek2021
  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories update
  • Histories books for schools and kura
  • Collaborative approach to refreshing the New Zealand Curriculum
  • Curriculum Leads begin their mahi
  • New Zealand Sign Language Week 10-16 May
  • Bullying-Free New Zealand Week 17-21 May
  • Access to period products
  • Winter maintenance reminder
  • Save the date – Infrastructure Sector Forum 22 June
  • New property training module for schools
  • Recent changes to ENROL
  • Announcing new Networks of Expertise
  • Matariki public holiday 2022
  • Education Outside the Classroom free workshops
  • Employer Engagement Toolkit
  • Get into Gaming! Online events for all Year 7-9 students and their teachers
  • ERO science reports released
  • Turnitin software

Special editions 2021

Note - information in these bulletins was current at the time of publication. Please refer to the Unite against COVID-19 website(external link) for the most recent COVID-19 information or contact your regional Ministry office(external link) for Ministry specific information such as attendance data submission, PLD etc.

COVID-19 update - 9 April(external link)

  • Staff undertaking travel to Australia from 19 April
  • COVID-19 diagnosis while travelling or upon return to New Zealand
  • COVID-19 vaccination programme

COVID-19 update - 5 March pm(external link)

  • Alert level changes
  • Reminder information
  • Swimming at Alert Level 2
  • Camps at Alert Level 2

COVID-19 update - 5 March(external link)

COVID-19 update and March Roll Return - 1 March(external link)

  • March Roll Returns
  • Schools remain physically open for some students at Alert Level 3
  • Distance learning and hard copy resources at Alert Level 3
  • Guidance for Auckland schools on staff matters at Alert Level 3
  • Teacher aides providing learning support
  • Alert Level 2 – staff and students returning from Auckland
  • Guidance for schools on staff matters at Alert Level 2
  • Reminder: Wearing of face coverings on buses
  • Essential links for quick reference

COVID-19 update - 28 February(external link)

  • Alert Level 3 – Auckland region
  • Hostels at Alert Level 3
  • Distance Learning
  • Contactless pick ups of devices and hard packs in Alert Level 3
  • Guidance for Auckland schools on staff matters at Alert Level 3
  • Link to template letter for parents and caregivers to use if it’s helpful and COVID-19 poster
  • Information for Alert Level 2 – All New Zealand except Auckland
  • Guidance for schools on staff matters at Alert Level 2
  • Common questions at Alert Level 2
  • School construction, transport and face coverings
  • Link to COVID-19 poster

COVID-19 update - 23 February(external link)

COVID-19 update - face coverings - 18 February(external link)

COVID-19 update - 17 February(external link)

  • People leaving managed isolation
  • Please keep sending your weekly attendance data
  • Template letters for parents

COVID-19 update - 15 February(external link)

  • Information for Auckland at Alert Level 3
  • Information for the remainder of New Zealand at Alert Level 2
  • Information for all of New Zealand
  • Regular content – urgent or time sensitive (two items)

COVID-19 update - 14 February(external link)

Aotearoa New Zealand's histories - public engagement on draft content launched(external link)

COVID-19 update - 28 January(external link)

COVID-19 update - 27 January(external link)

Regular issues 2021 

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 141 - 7 April 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Vaping legislation

Need to know

Heads up

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 140 - 23 March 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Have your say: Draft Learning Matrices and other content for NCEA Level 1

Need to know

  • COVID-19 vaccine update
  • Planning for an emergency
  • Change to ERC details for Northern and Central North regions
  • Reimbursement of COVID-19 autopay costs
  • 1 April Pay Equity settlement funding
  • Minimum wage increase – 1 April
  • Pacific education funds – second round of funding
  • Supporting student teachers on practical experience placements
  • TeachNZ scholarship programme 2021
  • Awards for teachers of gifted learners
  • Expert panel applications – Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher
  • Curriculum Advisory Group: Expressions of interest open

Heads up

  • Access to period products
  • Release of the LSC Phase 1 Evaluation Report
  • Auckland region enrolment scheme ballot dates for 2021
  • Reference design catalogue
  • Infrastructure sector forums
  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories public consultation update
  • Invitation to contribute: Climate Change ─ Prepare today, live well tomorrow
  • Professional learning and development
  • Free video learning resources from ETV now available
  • Ready to Read Phonics Plus books arriving from the end of the month
  • Kia Takatū ā-Matahiko | Digital Readiness programme
  • AoG office supplies contract and RealMe login
  • Bullying-Free NZ week
  • Creatives in Schools Round 2
  • Moon to Mars Programme – Seeds in Space

Regional content

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 139 - 9 March 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona

Need to know

  • COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • Access to family violence services
  • Talking together, Te kōrerorero oral language tool – hard copy resources
  • Refreshed RTLit guidance manual
  • Granting domestic status to school-aged children unable to return home
  • Teacher subjects data collection still open
  • Changes to the TELA+ scheme
  • Sensitive claims of abuse in state schools

Heads up

  • Planning for the second Teacher Only Day in support of the NCEA Change Programme
  • Supporting schools buying and procurement
  • NASA Scientist for a Day (Years 7 – 10)
  • Encouraging girls into trades
  • NMSSA English release
  • Apple Education professional development virtual workshops

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 138 - 23 February 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Auckland alert level change and face coverings
  • March roll return key dates
  • Enrolling children who have entered the country as Critical Purpose Visitor Visa holders

Need to know

  • Access to period products
  • Make School Unstoppable
  • Operational funding notification
  • Beginning Teacher Time Allowance update
  • Time-limited funding – Technology support for students with additional learning needs
  • Annual reporting and audit processes
  • Schools’ planning and reporting reminder
  • Home internet connections continue to December 2021
  • Reviewing how schools are funded for teacher aides
  • Nationwide Provisionally Certified Teachers, Overseas Trained Teachers and Mentor PLD
  • Enhanced induction and mentoring programme
  • Contracting local community organisations to provide counselling
  • FENZ requirements to hold trial fire evacuations reinstated from 1 February

Heads up

  • National curriculum refresh
  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories - support resource available
  • Draft NCEA Level 1 Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and Te Reo Matatini me Pāngarau standards
  • 2021 Prime Minister’s Awards are open
  • Have your say on the Oranga Tamariki Act 1989 information sharing provisions
  • Vaping regulations consultation
  • Healthy Active Learning survey extended
  • Free meningococcal ACWY vaccine for hostel boarders

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 137 - 9 February 2021(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Term 4 attendance data due 26 February
  • End of year withdrawals in ENROL

Need to know

  • PLD update including staying safe from COVID-19
  • Te Ahu o te Reo Māori registrations now open
  • ESOL funding applications – Zoom sessions next week
  • Have your say: Draft NCEA Level 1 Te Marautanga o Aotearoa and Te Reo Matatini me Pāngarau standards
  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories – Zoom sessions start this week
  • Enrolment scheme guidelines and instructions updated
  • Teacher subjects data collection
  • 2020 Notional Lease now available
  • Recent changes to ENROL
  • ClassroomNZ2020 available until 30 June
  • N4L online safety page blocks

Heads up

  • Gifted awards applications open
  • Free 'Back To School' training event from Google on 18 February
  • Changes to NZ Relay services
  • A Waikato secondary school shares some lessons learned

Regular issues 2020

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 136(external link)

  • Message from Iona

Need to know

  • Employment of staff on fixed-term agreements
  • Carbon Neutral Government Programme

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 135(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Staff undertaking overseas travel and managed isolation

Need to know

  • Support for expiring network equipment
  • Operational Funding Notification
  • Banking staffing recovery and reimbursement rates for 2021
  • Additional funding for heat, light and water
  • School bus procurement update
  • School leavers completing international assessments
  • e-asTTle – 2021 student passwords update

Heads up

  • Zoom careers session – 15 December
  • School Student Management Systems - privacy and security discovery exercise
  • Progress with Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories
  • Applications open for additional 2021 Gateway learner places
  • Teacher recruitment 2021 and NZ border
  • ERO’s new schools Operating Model
  • Professional Growth Cycle

Regional news

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 134(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Free Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine
  • End of year withdrawals in ENROL
  • Circular 2020/09 – Adult student enrolment policy

Need to Know

  • Draft NCEA Literacy & Numeracy Standards – have your say
  • Schools’ planning and reporting for 2021
  • TeachNZ scholarship programme 2021
  • Enhanced induction and mentoring programme for provisionally certificated teachers impacted by COVID-19
  • End of year property checklist
  • Asbestos Awareness Week and updated guidance

Heads up

  • New NCEA Education website
  • Recent changes to ENROL
  • Extension of fixed-term agreements for teaching staff during COVID-19 lockdown – banking staffing adjustments
  • Creatives in Schools
  • Supporting New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 133(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • National Education and Learning Priorities published
  • Face coverings on public transport
  • Playground equipment safety alert – springer ride-ons

Need to know

  • New Learning Support Network of Expertise
  • Funding for small schools
  • ORS COVID-19 Response Fund phase two
  • Te Kura programmes support students impacted by COVID-19
  • RFP on Cultural Capability
  • Circular 2020/06 - Attendance Dues Accounts

Heads up

  • Term attendance data and automatic collection of weekly data
  • TESSOL tuition fees scholarship
  • 2020 RTLB National Satisfaction Survey deferred
  • Funding for memorial tree planting

Regional news

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 132(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Teacher aides who have left employment

Need to know

  • Accord Teacher Only Day 2020
  • Keeping up to date with pay equity claims
  • Teacher recruitment
  • Te Ahu o te Reo Māori – national delivery 2021
  • 2021 calendar of key Ministry dates
  • Updated contracts for school construction consultancy services
  • Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support

Heads up

  • ClassroomNZ2020
  • Online leadership support
  • Healthy Active Learning evaluation
  • Help your students become global citizens
  • Fire safety and conserving water

Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 131(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Upcoming legislative changes to vaping

Need to know

  • Targeted support for at risk ākonga
  • COVID-19: EAP services for Auckland workforce wellbeing update
  • New online oral language resource
  • Māori medium and te reo Māori PLD priorities
  • Converting unallocated hours into a statement of work
  • TAPESA 2021 funding letters

Heads up

  • New Inclusive Education tool
  • Updated travel guidance for schools
  • Resources for the America’s Cup
  • VLN Primary School – register for online programmes in 2021

Regional news

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 130(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • 15 March 2019 Christchurch lockdown review outcomes
  • COVID-19 checklist for urgent school closures
  • 2021 provisional roll reviews
  • Extraordinary roll growth applications
  • 2020 banking staffing
  • SESTA applications for Term 1 2021 due by 30 November
  • Annual Financial Reporting 2020 | Circular 2020/07 – Annual Reporting Circular
  • Privacy Act changes
  • Auckland ākonga: places available in Big Picture & targeted dual-tuition programmes

Need to know

  • 2021 Ministerial Youth Advisory Group
  • Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award 2020
  • Learning Support Satisfaction Survey
  • Extension for home internet connections

Heads up

  • Supporting learning progress once students are back at school – useful teaching strategies and tools
  • Year 1-6 content now available on ClassroomNZ2020
  • Accord Teacher Only Day 2020 FAQs
  • 2021 PLD round dates
  • Enrolling children from overseas
  • School Journal distribution dates
  • Sun safety

 Ministry Bulletin for School Leaders | He Pitopito Kōrero Issue 129(external link)

  • Message from Iona


  • Have your say: Draft Achievement Standards for Māori Performing Arts
  • Pacific Innovation and Pacific Education Support Funds: application closing dates
  • Annual Reporting webinar and Kiwi Park model financial statements
  • Guidance counsellors
  • Ongoing Resourcing Scheme and School High Health Needs Fund applications

Need to know

  • Update on COVID-19 for our NZ Pacific community
  • Reallocation of funding to bolster domestic teacher recruitment
  • Free Pause Breathe Smile mind health programme

Heads up

  • Automated weekly attendance data - now available for some schools
  • Final call for nominations: Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Award
  • Applications for TESSOL scholarships close soon
  • PLD update
  • Teacher Only Day
  • More funding available for adult education
  • Action Plan for Pacific Education
  • New Curriculum Lead positions advertised

Special editions 2020

Note - information in these bulletins was current at the time of publication. Please refer to the Unite against COVID-19 website(external link) for the most recent COVID-19 information or contact your regional Ministry office(external link) for Ministry specific information such as attendance data submission, PLD etc.

COVID-19 update - 13 November(external link)

COVID-19 update - 12 November(external link)

COVID-19 update 5 October(external link)

  • Key messages from the Prime Minister’s announcement
  • 10 things you need to know about Alert Level 1
  • Letter template for Auckland parents and caregivers

COVID-19 update 21 September(external link)

  • Key messages from the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 announcement
  • 10 things you need to know about Alert Level 1
  • For Auckland - Things you need to know about Alert Level 2
  • Gatherings and events
  • Translated letter templates for parents and caregivers
  • Exams at Alert Levels 1, 2 and 3 
  • Support for senior secondary students
  • Ongoing Resourcing Scheme COVID-19 response fund
  • Automating your weekly attendance data submission
  • Funding updates
  • New Zealand Sign Language Week
  • ERO report: Nihinihi whenua – Valuing te reo Māori 
  • Extension for nominations: Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award
  • PLD update
  • PLD opportunity: TESSOL Scholarships
  • School Leavers’ Toolkit: Inclusion and diversity video resource
  • Online infrastructure forums
  • Education Gazette
  • Renaming the School Data Portal
  • Section 9 Agreements renamed Specialist Education Agreements 
  • Electoral Commission thanks you 
  • International students remaining in New Zealand over summer 2020/2021
  • Providing education and NCEA outside New Zealand

COVID-19 update 14 September(external link)

  • Prime Minister’s announcement on alert levels
  • A reminder - 10 things you need to know about Alert Level 2
  • Navigating a sea of information safely
  • Cost of care
  • Day 12 testing for close contacts
  • Changes to conditions for entry into New Zealand
  • Curriculum wellbeing leads
  • NCEA Change Programme
  • StudyIt forums reopen 21 September
  • Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories update
  • Raranga Matihiko - free online conference 28 September 

COVID-19 update 10 September(external link)

  • Granting domestic status to school-aged children unable to return home
  • Next steps for updating the physical restraint rules and guidelines
  • Revised and updated Relationships and Sexuality Education guide
  • Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2020 | Māori Language Week 2020
  • 180 Learning Support study awards for teachers and kaiako in 2021
  • Guidance for the General Election 2020
  • ShakeOut 2020
  • Free Apple (PLS) workshops for teachers
  • He Pikorua – new practice framework for learning support

COVID-19 update 8 September(external link)

  • Additional support for NCEA students due to continuing COVID disruption
  • ORS Response Fund
  • Weekly attendance information really matters!
  • Auckland Regional Public Health (ARPHS) – translated letters for your community
  • Wellbeing and mental health resource
  • Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award
  • PLD update
  • Additional teacher only days 2021
  • Exams under different alert levels
  • New website for employment, education and training services
  • Replacement of Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI)
  • Youth19 survey findings now available
  • Transition Support Service – Oranga Tamariki
  • Discounted government e-bike scheme

COVID-19 update 4 September(external link)

  • Cabinet decision on COVID alert levels
  • Caring for Communities (C4C)
  • Mental wellbeing supports for young people
  • New mental health education and wellbeing resource for teachers
  • Music at Alert Level 2
  • Wearing of face masks/coverings on buses
  • Provisional notices available from Saturday 19 September
  • Feedback process and mini-pilot on draft NCEA Level 1 standards

COVID-19 update 1 September(external link)

  • Key messaging on face coverings in a school setting
  • Auckland Regional Public Health (ARPHS) – letters for you and your community
  • Contact tracing and self-isolation
  • Reminder about assemblies at Alert Level 2
  • Education outside the classroom at Alert Level 2
  • Managing staff leave at Alert Level 2
  • ClassroomNZ2020 free online session
  • Creatives in Schools applications extended
  • TeachNZ scholarship applications now open
  • Gifted learners awards extended
  • Awards for teachers of gifted learners now open

COVID-19 update 28 August(external link)

  • 10 things you need to know about Alert Level 2
  • Common questions
  • Translations of Alert Level 2 letter template – Auckland
  • September roll return

COVID-19 update 27 August(external link)

  • Face coverings update
  • FAQs – Face coverings in education settings
  • Returning to school
  • Letter template for parents – Auckland region
  • Letter template for parents – the remainder of New Zealand
  • Students returning to boarding schools and hostels
  • Secondary winter sports week
  • Preparing your classrooms for next week – travel exemptions
  • Changes of grades as part of the teacher aide pay equity settlement
  • Tomorrow’s Bulletin

COVID-19 update 25 August(external link)

  • Face coverings
  • Alert Level 3 - Auckland regional boundary restrictions
  • NCEA
  • Distance Learning
  • First Instalment of Teacher Aide Pay Equity settlement funding

COVID-19 update 24 August(external link)

  • Health and Safety at Alert Level 2
  • What has changed
    • Face coverings
  • Alert Level 2 information
    • Who can go to school
    • Who should not go to school
    • Health requirements at school
    • Public health measures at all alert levels
  • Letter templates for parents

COVID-19 update 21 August(external link)

  • Emergency payments for the contingent workforce (12 - 26 August 2020)
  • Auckland travel exemptions
  • Dangerous rumour circulating once more
  • Student elections update
  • Learning Support hard packs
  • Devices update
  • Borrowing to purchase or lease IT devices
  • QR code posters at all school construction sites
  • Revised contractor checklist for school-led projects at Alert Levels 2 and 3
  • Optional letter template for Board Chairs

COVID-19 update 19 August(external link)

  • Common questions
  • Helping children and young people while they are learning at home
  • Insurance cover for home learning computer devices – new supplies and existing stocks
  • Handling and distribution of Ministry of Education supplied devices and hard packs
  • Using Home Learning TV and Mauri Reo Mauri Ora to support your students
  • Salesforce closed for hard pack orders
  • Children learning from home
  • Temporary change to Additional Relief Teaching Funding
  • Funding for immediate costs due to COVID-19
  • International Student Transition Funding

COVID-19 update 18 August(external link)

  • Voluntary flexibility for some Year 12 and 13 students to return physically to school in Alert Level 3
  • Alert Level 2 common questions
  • Impact of new election date on schools
  • Clarity around COVID-19 test and treatment
  • COVID-19 information on our parent website
  • Advice around supporting international students

COVID-19 update 17 August(external link)

  • Flexibility to have senior secondary school students return under Alert Level 3
  • Further funding for devices
  • Auckland entry/exit exemptions
  • Hard packs

COVID-19 update 15 August(external link)

  • NCEA
  • Alert Level 3 information
    • Who can go to school
    • Who should not go to school
    • Distance learning
    • Health requirements at school
    • Managing staff at Alert Level 3 
    • School transport services
    • School construction projects
    • Letter template for parents
  • Alert Level 2 information
    • Who can go to school
    • Who should not go to school
    • Health requirements at school
    • Managing staff at Alert Level 2 
    • School transport services
    • School construction projects
    • Letter template for parents
  • Information that is common to Alert Levels 2 and 3
    • Public health requirements at all alert levels
    • Schools connected with possible or probable cases
    • Education FAQs – Face coverings: August 2020

COVID-19 update 14 August(external link)

COVID-19 update 13 August(external link)

  • Contact tracing
  • What to do if there are cases connected with your school or early learning service
  • Schools and early learning services are open at Alert Level 3
  • Face covering
  • Issuing devices at Alert Level 3
  • Distance learning support
  • Employment information

COVID-19 update 12 August(external link)

COVID-19 update(external link) (3 July)

  • The 2020 Wellbeing Budget Package
  • The Bulletins (going forward)

COVID-19 update(external link) (30 June)

  • Teacher aide pay equity claim ratified and new IEA available for non-union member teacher aides
  • Border exemption requests
  • Reimbursement of unexpected payroll costs due to COVID-19 emergency payments
  • Weekly and Termly Attendance data – key dates
  • Discounted e-bikes for public sector staff
  • Changes to procurement thresholds to 31 December 2020
  • Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV ends Friday 3 July
  • Tech Week 2020 – 27 July – 2 August
  • Returning devices
  • Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award

COVID-19 update(external link) (25 June)

  • Revised guidance on testing for COVID-19
  • Guidance - responding to cases in your community
  • Professional Learning and Development Fund for Teacher Aides 
  • Netsafe LIVE PLD
  • Out-of-zone students seeking enrolment between ballots
  • Ongoing payments for property management where contracts have ceased effect
  • 2020 Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards cancelled

COVID-19 update(external link) (23 June)

  • COVID-19: Confirmed, probable or possible cases linked to your school
  • This Thursday’s webinar – junior secondary
  • Clarification of 2020 school year half day reduction
  • Student elections for board of trustee representatives
  • Standardised learning support register (sLSR)
  • Updated contracts for school-led property projects
  • MSD is repeating the ‘future intentions’ vocational survey for Year 9-13 students

COVID-19 update(external link) (18 June)

  • Support for students to go into apprenticeships
  • Mental health resources for 13-18 year olds
  • July Roll Return (to action)
  • ACC funded teacher aides
  • Modems - collection and tech support
  • National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA)
  • Improvements to the School Property Procurement section of
  • Operating school construction projects during COVID-19 Alert Level 1

COVID-19 update(external link) (16 June)

  • Two new cases of COVID-19 announced today
  • Thursday's webinar: Senior secondary looking past COVID
  • PLD proposals submitted in Term 1 and COVID-19 PLD support package
  • Implementing the teacher aide pay equity settlement
  • VLN Primary School - Registrations invited for online programmes’ starting from Term 3
  • SportNZ advice and guidance to support wellbeing
  • Creatives in Schools
  • New civics’ resources for teaching and learning
  • NCEA offshore and Education and Training Bill
  • Te Rautaki Rawa kura – The School Property Strategy 2030
  • Export Education Levy

COVID-19 update(external link) (11 June)

  • Weekly Attendance Data
  • Virtual Careers Expo for senior secondary students
  • Online NCEA courses on ClassroomNZ2020
  • Next week’s webinar: Senior secondary looking past COVID
  • COVID-19 Emergency payment scheme now closed
  • School transport services under Alert Level 1
  • Option to manage computer devices your school now owns
  • Operational funding notification
  • TeachNZ awards
  • Update on Mauri Reo Mauri Ora
  • Update on Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV
  • New civics resources coming next week
  • New website Kia Kotahi mō te WHAIORANGA | Unite for the RECOVERY

COVID-19 update(external link) (8 June)

  • Alert Level 1
  • QR Code posters
  • Template letter for parents and caregivers
  • Focusing on the learner! – Webinar for Primary 

COVID-19 update(external link) (4 June)

  • Ngā Karahipi Uru Rākau – Forestry Scholarships
  • Talanoa Ako app
  • 'Keep it real online’ campaign
  • 2019 Provisional School Leavers data
  • Access discounted pricing for washroom, cleaning and hygiene products and office supplies
  • Alert Level 1
  • 2020 school year reduced by four half days
  • Further changes to NCEA and UE (English and te reo Māori)
  • ERO reviews under COVID-19
  • Reimbursement of working from home costs 
  • Insurance cover for digital devices for students learning from home
  • Improving students’ connectivity

COVID-19 update(external link) (2 June)

  • New Dates for Showquest, Smokefreerockquest and Tangata Beats 2020
  • Future PLD application rounds
  • Education outside the Classroom in Alert Level 2
  • Using schools as voting places in the General Election
  • Increase in number of people at gatherings 

COVID-19 update(external link) (28 May)

  • Pay equity for teacher aides
  • New collective employment agreement for Secondary and Area School Groundstaff
  • Next webinar 4 June – hauora and wellbeing
  • Te reo Māori, kura and Māori medium supports
  • English Language Learning Progressions (ELLP) Pathway Years 1-8 and ELLP Pathway Student Agency Record
  • More information to support communicating with whānau and students about weekly attendance reporting
  • Annual reporting and school audit process
  • Update on reimbursement of additional COVID related payroll costs
  • Clarification of working from home allowances
  • Hand sanitiser – last orders by 10 June
  • COVID-19 PLD support package
  • NZ COVID Tracer app posters are on their way

COVID-19 update(external link) (26 May)

  • Template letter to support attendance
  • Alert Level 2 payment support for day relief teachers and casual staff
  • COVID-19: Information for disabled people and their whānau
  • Contact tracing apps
  • Physical distancing on Ministry transport services
  • Changes to limits on gatherings

COVID-19 update(external link) (21 May)

  • New Public Health Response Order – accurate information
  • Non-teaching staff collective agreements
  • June Roll Return for Years 9 and above only
  • School Donations Scheme and information for proprietors
  • Switching from daily to weekly attendance reporting
  • NZ COVID Tracer App
  • Things to consider when choosing a contact tracing app
  • ClassroomNZ2020 online courses
  • Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV resources for teachers
  • Supporting learning through Alert Level 2 and beyond

COVID-19 update(external link) (20 May)

  • NZ COVID Tracer app

COVID-19 update(external link) (19 May)

  • Webinars Thursday/Friday this week 
  • More of your questions answered
  • Keeping safe in school labs during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 contingent workforce emergency payments support – May payment
  • Payments made to staff during Level 4 lockdown
  • Two new learning support packs
  • Alert Level 2 daily attendance reporting and staffing attendance survey
  • Update on network hardware replacements in schools
  • Delivery of student devices and internet modems

COVID-19 update(external link) (15 May)

  • Guidance for leaders about teaching and learning at Level 2
  • Tranche 1 English Medium (Years 9 and 10) hard pack orders close in Salesforce
  • Webinars for wellbeing

COVID-19 update(external link) (14 May)

  • Update on Stuart McNaughton’s webinar on wellbeing
  • Changes to NCEA address impact of COVID-19
  • Welcoming children back to school
  • Daily attendance SurveyMonkey reporting
  • Further answers to your queries eg cleaning, food technology, gatherings etc
  • Advice for parents and whānau about preparing for Alert Level 2
  • Support with supplying distance learning packs and teacher connectivity
  • Ministry-funded flu vaccinations
  • Netsafe support for teachers 
  • Te reo Māori, kura and Māori medium supports
  • Attendance Codes – Alert Level 2

COVID-19 update(external link) (12 May)

  • Stuart McNaughton webinar on wellbeing 
  • Attendance and engagement for all children and young people in education
  • Guidance for staff with health concerns returning to school under Alert Level 2
  • Answers to more of the common questions we’ve received
  • Public transport school services
  • Alert Level 2 arrangements for secondary-tertiary and work-place learning students
  • Orders close for Student Household Internet Connectivity at 5pm on 15 May
  • Student attendance Strike 4 Climate – Friday 15 May

COVID-19 update(external link) (11 May)

  • Prime Minister's announcement of Alert Level 2
  • Answers to a couple of common questions we’ve received from you
  • Wellbeing information and tips including upcoming webinars

COVID-19 update(external link) (8 May)

  • Ministry funded flu vaccinations
  • Attendance and engagement at school during Alert Level 2
  • Answers to some commonly asked questions under Alert Level 2
  • School transport under Alert Level 2 
  • PLD hours can be extended
  • Internet connections & devices for learning – status update
  • Home learning TV extended to support teaching and learning
  • Update on hard packs for students

COVID-19 update(external link) (7 May)

  • Key messages from the Prime Minister
  • Welcoming all staff and students back to school
  • Supporting learning
  • Public Health Statement for the Education Sector from Dr Caroline McElnay, Director, Public Health, Ministry of Health
  • Alert Level 2 for schools
  • Guidance for schools on staff matters
  • Resuming Ministry contracted school transport services
  • Learning Support

COVID-19 update(external link) (5 May)

  • Alert Level 2
  • Continuation of contingent workforce emergency payments support
  • Reimbursement for schools’ device purchases
  • Daily Covid-19 On Site Student Log - Additional Staffing Questions for Thursday
  • Ministry guidelines of the treatment of contract variation claims from COVID-19
  • Update on deliveries of English medium hard packs for Years 1-10 
  • Te Reo Māori, kura and Māori medium
  • Students' physical attendance under Alert Level 3: Residential Special Schools
  • Clarification: Students attending alternative education after they have turned 16
  • School Annual Financial Reporting – Subsequent Events Disclosure Note
  • Hand sanitiser use, storage and delivery

COVID-19 update(external link) (1 May)

  • Planning for Alert Level 2
  • Dr Payinda - what can a teacher do to decrease risk?
  • Rostering teachers to bubbles
  • Teacher aides supporting learners with additional learning needs in their homes
  • Students physical attendance at Day Special Schools under Alert Level 3
  • Ki te Ao Mārama learning pack update
  • Saleforce data collection update and English medium Year 1-10 hard packs
  • Alert Level 3 arrangements for secondary-tertiary and work-place learning students
  • How schools across NZ are engaging with students to support distance learning
  • Boarding school rolls
  • Letter template to reassure parents

COVID-19 update(external link) (28 April)

  • Ministry-funded flu vaccinations
  • Adults to stay within one bubble
  • Site poster for parents and visitors – te reo Māori version
  • Distance learning information in multiple languages
  • Request to re-fill your pump sanitiser bottles

COVID-19 update(external link) (24 April)

  • School readiness checklist
  • Site poster for parents and visitors
  • Important information for teacher only days at alert level 3
  • Some tips for welcoming students back under alert level 3
  • Information to support parents
  • What to do if you are concerned for the welfare or safety of a child
  • Recruiting staff in alert level 3
  • Update on English medium hard packs for Years 1-10 students
  • Students with Learning Support Needs at Alert level 3
  • SESTA – Specialised School Transport Assistance
  • Treatment of variation claims for school construction projects
  • Sparklers at Home wellbeing toolkit
  • Supporting student wellbeing while students are working from home
  • Ready to Read series
  • Study awards for primary and secondary teachers to complete further study in the field of TESSOL
  • Additional technology support for schools establishing Remote Learning

COVID-19 update(external link) (23 April)

  • Wage subsidy support for hostel employees
  • Specific guidance for hostels at alert level 3
  • Health and safety at alert level 3
  • Insurance cover for digital devices for students learning from home
  • Supply of Ministry funded Sanitiser – Important update to order cut-off times
  • Recording who will be coming to school and who actually attends

COVID-19 update(external link) (22 April)

  • Information and advice to help you develop your approach to staffing in your school or kura when moving to Alert Level 3
  • Resuming Ministry contracted school transport services under Level 3
  • If you are unable to contact children and whānau on your roll
  • N4L Switch-on-Safety security filter campaign

COVID-19 update(external link) (21 April)

  • Control measures to deliver COVID-19 strategies: Education sector evidence review
  • Accessing hand sanitiser - update 
  • Site preparation update
  • Banking Staffing final balance letters
  • Resuming Ministry contracted school transport services under Level 3
  • Recommencing and operating school construction projects below COVID-19 Alert Level 4
  • Salesforce change to online data
  • More options for watching Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV
  • Key ESOL messages for schools
  • Professional support for te reo Māori, Kura and Māori medium online distance learning
  • Intensive Wraparound Service (IWS)
  • VLN support available for distance learning
  • Education Gazette

COVID-19 update(external link) (20 April)

  • Facebook live with Dr Ashley Bloomfield
  • Health and safety
  • Staffing
  • Cleaning / Accessing hand sanitiser
  • Property checklist
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Learning Support
  • Support for distance learning
  • School Transport
  • Hostels
  • Key dates to work to
  • Summary of the types of guidance being developed

COVID-19 update (17 April)(external link)

  • Health at forefront of decision making
  • Health considerations for Education at alert level 3

COVID-19 update(external link) (16 April)

  • Response to Prime Minister's announcement on alert level changes' guidance

COVID-19 update(external link) (14 April)

  • Home learning TV starts 15 April
  • Te Reo Māori, Kura and Māori medium learning
  • New web portal for whānau Māori
  • Talanoa Ako
  • Free internet safety filter for parents; Netsafe, The Connected Learning Advisory
  • Ordering hard copy subject-specific NCEA resources online now live
  • Changes to requests for distance learning resources
  • COVID-19 school transport payments
  • Supporting students with learning support needs and distance learning
  • Attendance codes
  • Communications tips

COVID-19 update(external link) (9 April)

  • Planning for changing COVID-19 alert levels
  • National distribution of devices to state and state integrated schools
  • Ordering hard copy subject-specific NCEA resources online
  • Māori Medium/Rumaki 
  • Support for schools with international students departing from either Auckland or Christchurch International Airports
  • Further advice around supporting international students
  • Inclusion of teacher aides in delivering distance education
  • Salesforce information gathering on student resource needs
  • Reminder from Oranga Tamariki about how to help keep children and young people safe
  • Additional technology support sessions for schools establishing remote learning
  • "Working from home” and maintaining good cyber security practices

COVID-19 update - Minister's announcement(external link) (8 April)

  • Details of the package of supports for schools and kura
  • Home learning television
  • Hard learning packs
  • Access to devices and connectivity
  • Extending access to the Virtual Learning Network Community (VLNC)

COVID-19 update(external link) (7 April)

  • Education workforce pay – timesheet staff and kaimahi
  • Planning for teaching and learning in Term 2
  • Learning support needs and distance learning
  • Supporting new enrolments (or staying in early learning)
  • Collection and delivery of devices in schools
  • Repatriation home of International students during lockdown
  • Changes to enrolment scheme home zones / new enrolment schemes

Special Bulletin COVID-19(external link) (2 April)

  • Learning from home work programme
  • Employment matters including increase to minimum wage, payment over term break, emergency payment for contingent workforce, Term 2 remote learning and contingency funding
  • Wellbeing and welfare supports for your community
  • PLD support
  • Tips for improving connectivity

Additional COVID-19 update(external link) (31 March)

  • How to keep young people safe online
  • Managing a suspension during the lockdown
  • Access to school and kura sites
  • Essential services for aspects of education

COVID-19 update - Employment Matters(external link) (31 March)

  • Income provisions available for staff
  • How emergency payments will work
  • Additional funding for schools and kura
  • Phishing scam warning
  • Who to contact about emergency payments
  • Link to emergency payment FAQs

Additional special bulletin update(external link) (27 March)

  • Access to school and kura sites
  • COVID-19 information in additional languages
  • Income support for relief teachers

URGENT COVID-19 update(external link) (27 March)

  • Repatriating German students - travel arrangements

COVID-19 update(external link) (26 March)

  • Key dates reminder
  • Lockdown messages from the Prime Minister
  • Access to schools update
  • Care for children of essential workers update
  • Repatriation of international students
  • Boards of Trustees' role in supporting leadership
  • Learning Support staff available to assist
  • Wellbeing links and resources
  • Supporting leaders in secondary schools and wharekura
  • Supporting Te Reo Māori settings with distance learning
  • Support your school to enable distance learning
  • Secretary for Education given new powers
  • Letter template to parents, caregivers, whānau and family
  • Resources to support wellbeing and learning from home 

COVID-19 update(external link) (25 March)

  • State of Emergency declared
  • Schools closed
  • Payroll and staffing provision information
  • Annual reporting and school audit process update
  • Two learning from home websites now live
  • NZQA plans for NCEA assessments
  • Support for your school to enable distance learning
  • Microsoft and Google training sessions 
  • Removing internet data caps
  • Education Gazette online version

Important COVID-19 update(external link) (24 March)

  • Contacting Education Payroll
  • Updated payroll information
  • Self-isolating groups - circles of care
  • System backups and cyber security
  • Updated Netsafe helpline hours
  • Access to distance learning and devices for students
  • Insurance cover for devices
  • Preparing for shutting school premises
  • Attendance codes

COVID-19 update(external link) (23 March)

  • Moving to Alert Level 3 and then Level 4
  • List of essential businesses
  • School holidays brought forward
  • Supporting learning from home
  • School-led construction projects
  • Payroll process for Level 4

COVID-19 update(external link) (22 March)

  • Staffing absences
  • Vulnerable people

COVID-19 update(external link) (21 March)

  • Alert Level 2
  • High-risk individuals
  • Staffing provisions advice updated

COVID-19 update(external link) (20 March)

  • Decision tool update
  • Keeping kids learning and maintaining routine
  • Cleaning and cleaning supplies

COVID-19 update(external link) (19 March)

  • Rules on gathering do not apply to schools
  • Why a school would close
  • What happens if you have a confirmed case
  • Decision tool for early learning and school responses
  • Symptoms of COVID-19, flu and cold infographic

COVID-19 update(external link) (18 March)

  • Schools remain open
  • Talking to children and youth about COVID-19

COVID-19 update(external link) (17 March)

  • Possible case of COVID-19 in a school
  • Physical distancing
  • Guidance on self-isolating
  • Encouraging student attendance

COVID-19 additional update(external link) (16 March)

  • Guidance on camps, assemblies and other events

COVID-19 declared a pandemic(external link) (12 March)

  • Supporting parents' conversations with children

Coronavirus Update(external link) (6 March)

  • COVID-19 facts
  • Ministry of Health has a plan
  • What you and your community can do
  • What to do if someone is sick
  • Stopping stigma and discrimination

Case 3 COVID-19 announced(external link) (5 March)

  • Family of students in Auckland in self-isolation

COVID-19 update(external link) (5 March)

  • Parent of students confirmed with COVID-19
  • Facts from World Health Organisation

Latest updates on COVID 19(external link) (3 March)

  • Category 1 and 2 countries (as at 3 March)
  • Hand washing to prevent spread

Coronavirus update(external link) (28 February)

  • First case confirmed
  • Category 1 and 2 countries (as at 28 February)
  • What to do is someone has a confirmed case
  • Pandemic planning
  • Summary of key information

Novel Coronavirus further information(external link) (5 February)

  • Current advice on new border measures
  • Meaning of 'self-isolation'
  • Following the Ministry of Health's advice
  • Racist behaviour
  • Information from Immigration New Zealand

Updated advice on Novel Coronavirus(external link) (30 January)

  • New Novel coronavirus webpage

Message from Secretary for Education re Coronavirus(external link) (27 January)

  • Current travel information
  • Pandemic planning assistance
  • Emergency Management Plan template

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