Student wellbeing

National mentoring service for Māori and Pasifika students

The National mentoring service for Māori and Pasifika students is aimed at supporting young Māori and Pasifika students to achieve NCEA.

Health and wellbeing for students

Bullying prevention and response

Bullying prevention and response is a guide for schools providing practical advice on how to prevent bullying and respond effectively when it does occur.

Reporting child abuse and neglect

See the Reporting Abuse Protocols in the Useful Resources section of Preparing for and dealing with emergencies and traumatic incidents.

Education service for youth courts

The Ministry of Education's education services to youth courts throughout New Zealand.

Information on international and exchange students

Supporting young people with stress, anxiety and/or depression

The guidelines for supporting young people with stress anxiety or depression will help you to support a young person who may be suffering mild to moderate mental health issues.

These guidelines have been developed as part of the Youth Mental Health Project.

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