New Zealand’s school property portfolio is a significant Crown asset. The Ministry of Education's Education Infrastructure Service is responsible for New Zealand’s state schools (around 2,300 schools). We provide around $500 million to schools boards to maintain and upgrade school property. We also provide advice and funding to around 330 state integrated schools in New Zealand.

Christmas break checklist

Download this handy checklist to help make sure your school property stays safe over the Christmas break.

Check your property after a major incident

Follow these 5 steps to make your school safe after a major incident like fire, earthquake or flood.

Emergency response coordinators

Need to make substantial urgent repairs to your school buildings? See a list of emergency response coordinators in your region and contact your Ministry property advisor before starting any work.

Health and safety management

Practice tools and resources for meeting health and safety requirements relating to property and construction at schools

State schools

New Zealand’s state schools are managed in partnership between the Ministry and the school board of trustees. Boards of trustees delegate some of their responsibilities for property work to project managers.

Integrated schools

State-integrated schools are former private schools that have become part of the state system. They receive some government funding to maintain and modernise the integrated school buildings and must meet minimum standards.

Private schools

Private schools apply to be registered with the Ministry. We do not own private school property. The school owner is responsible for all property maintenance and modifications.

Property Management Information System (PMIS)

The Property Management Information System (PMIS) is a computer-based system that the Ministry and schools use to record information about schools.

Property initiatives

Find out about our current property initiatives: Public Private Partnerships and Rebuilding Christchurch Schools 2013-2022.

Property training, events and updates

Learn about the training and events we offer to support consultants and the wider sector. Find out about important updates to property policy, processes and systems.

Education Infrastructure Service news

Infrastructure Matters is a publication which shares news and pictures about school property, school transport, ICT infrastructure and education payroll.

Property News is a quarterly newsletter, keeping schools, project managers and local offices up-to-date with new policy, common queries and issues about education property.

Northern Works is a quarterly newsletter sharing news about projects in the Ministry’s Education Infrastructure Service Capital Works Northern area, with a focus on Auckland and Northland.

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