Licensing criteria for hospital-based ECE services

The Education Act 1989 S 309 defines hospital-based education and care service as the provision of education or care to 3 or more children under the age of 6 who are receiving hospital care.

ECE services operating from hospital premises that provide education and care to siblings of patients or children of hospital staff or patients are centre-based ECE services, not hospital-based ECE services.

Hospital-based services are licensed in accordance with the Education Act 1989 under the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, which prescribe minimum standards that each licensed service must meet. Licensing criteria are used to assess how the services meet the minimum standards required by the regulations.

The licensing criteria were last updated in May 2016.

A copy of the licensing criteria can be downloaded from the right-hand column below.

For each criterion there is guidance to help services meet the required standards.

Licensing Criteria Cover

Licensing criteria for Hospital-based ECE services.