Enrolling students

Learn about your obligations to record and maintain student enrolments.

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  • Administrators
  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Boards

Your school must use the ENROL system to update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system.

About enrolment eligibility

Information in Education Circular 2020/08 will help you check whether a student is eligible to enrol at your school.

Enrolling adult students

Special criteria apply when enrolling adult students in mainstream secondary education.

Students living unlawfully in New Zealand

Students living unlawfully in New Zealand can apply to the Ministry of Education to enrol as a domestic student.

Setting up and managing enrolment schemes (zones)

State schools can set up an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding, after receiving notice from the Ministry. The Ministry needs to approve any scheme.

How to get access to ENROL

ENROL is a register of student enrolments. It lets you update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system. Vision and Hearing technicians also use ENROL to enter results of vision and hearing tests into the system.

Access for school ENROL users

To gain access to ENROL you'll need to contact your school's Education Sector Logon (ESL) delegated authoriser to have the appropriate role assigned to your ESL account.

Or visit our Education Services website for instructions on how to complete the user invitation process.

School user guides and manuals

Access for DHB ENROL users

Information for parents

Using the ENROL system

Privacy is critical to the ENROL system. To protect that privacy it's important that you never share your user login or password.

Recent changes to using ENROL

Read about several changes that will affect how you use the ENROL system.

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