Requesting an informal/formal review of a student’s teacher aide resource

You can request an informal or formal review of the teacher aide resource for your student or child. An informal review is when you make a verbal request for clarification about the level or type of support that’s been allocated. Formal reviews need to be requested in writing and may follow on from an informal review if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the review.

Informal review

An informal review is when a school, parents or whānau make a verbal request for clarification or raise a concern with us. These concerns are usually to do with the level and/or type of support that’s been allocated.

A Ministry service or fund manager usually leads the review that follows this process:

  • Face to face and or phone discussions between the Ministry and school or parents or whānau.
  • We review the allocation of the resource for this student and keep notes of the outcome.
  • The informal review may become a formal review on school and/or parent/whānau written request.

Formal review

You can request a formal review at any time. You can also request a formal review if you're not satisfied with the outcome of an informal review. The process for the formal review is as follows.

  • You need to write to us requesting a formal review and include the reasons for the request.
  • We confirm receipt of your request within 10 working days.
  • We review current information on the student or child concerned. 
  • If any further information is required, we ask you to supply this.
  • The review occurs within 10 working days of receipt of this additional information or sooner if no additional information is needed. 
  • The formal review process may occur internally or externally according to the agreed district or regional processes. It may be also be managed between managers of learning support. 
  • We keep formal notes of verbal and/or written submissions made together with any subsequent decisions and their rationale.
  • We inform everyone concerned of the outcome of the review. 
  • Once we have made the decision, we inform you, in writing, within 10 working days.

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