Resources for working with students who have ASD

Two TKI websites – Te Kete Ipurangi – provide specialised teaching resources for working with students who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Inclusive Education website

The Inclusive Education website(external link) has guides and downloads about ASD and learning. You’ll find out:

  • information about ASD
  • how to identify needs and strengths, and access support
  • how to support key areas of learning and well-being: communication, social interaction, thinking, and positive behaviour
  • how to use whole-class strategies to support students with ASD.

SE Online website

The TKI SE Online ASD website(external link) is older, and has other useful information.

Ways to work with students who have ASD 

Read ASD: a resource for educators(external link) (external website).

Download ASD for educators presentation(external link) – download this PowerPoint from the bottom of the web page. 

Download ASD for educators(external link) to read about some of the characteristics of ASD, and strategies for teaching.

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