Regional health schools for children who can’t attend school because they are unwell

If a child is unwell and can’t go to school, then teachers from regional health schools can teach them.

Who regional health schools are for

The schools are for children who are:

  • unwell and can’t go to their usual school for a long period (they may have a physical or mental illness)
  • in a health-funded mental health programme 
  • returning to their usual school after being away for a long time and need support.

To get support, a child needs to:

  • have missed school for more than 10 days in a row because of illness — they could be at home or in hospital
  • have been in hospital 6 or more times in one year
  • have not been to school for more than 40 days in one year because of illness
  • be recuperating at home after being unwell
  • have been unwell and need support to go back to school.

How regional health schools work

Regional health schools provide teachers for children who are unwell. They can teach children from Years zero to 13. There are 3 regional health schools: one in Auckland, one in Wellington and one in Christchurch.

However, health school teachers can teach a child anywhere in New Zealand. The children stay on the roll of their usual school while they get the support from the health school.

How to get help from a regional health school

You’ll need a medical certificate that says what the child’s condition is, how it’s being treated, and how it’s stopping the child from going to school.

Once you have a certificate, contact the regional health school that’s closest to you :

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