Case study for the Intensive Wraparound Service: Carl, 13 years old at the start of IWS involvement

Case Example Two – Carl (not real name)

  • 13 years old when he started with IWS.
  • 15 years old when his time with IWS finished. 
  • Male
  • NZ European

Background Information:

  • He was diagnosed with Autism at a young age.
  • Carl communicated by making noises and using his face to tell people what he was thinking and how he was feeling. He hardly spoke.
  • Carl would often hurt himself when he felt very stressed. 
  • Assessing Carl needs and deciding of what needs to happen was decided by the wraparound team

Intensive Wraparound Programme:

  • Carl and his family lead decisions in creating his programme.
  • Carl got to work with a Music therapist as part of his plan.
  • Teacher aide support was provided so the class teacher was able to help him in school.
  • Carl was given an iPad to help him learn.
  • Carl had support from a Health Team, after school and occasionally evenings.
  • Carl’s IWS psychologist worked with the school Principal to help him change classrooms at school as he didn’t get on well with the class teacher.


  • Carl is now learning a lot more at school and engaged in the classroom.
  • Carl can complete work set by his teachers by himself.
  • Carl is finding it easier to tell people what he is thinking and how he feels, he doesn’t need to make noises or use his face as often anymore.
  • Carl is not hurting himself as often anymore.

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