An overview of the planning and reporting cycle

Your planning and reporting documents are part of your wider planning and reporting cycle.

4 key stages of planning and reporting

As a board of trustees your planning and reporting responsibilities involve 4 key stages:

  1. Planning
  2. Implementing and Monitoring
  3. Evaluating
  4. Reporting.

By setting targets each year, regularly reviewing progress and evaluating what's been achieved, your school is better placed to ensure all students can achieve educational success.

The following information is also available as a downloadable PDF.

An overview of the planning and reporting cycle [PDF, 34 KB]



Involve school leadership team, staff, students, communities, mana whenua and iwi in the planning stage to identify shared vision and goals for students.

Gather information

The board will need information and evidence to support the development of its strategic plan and on which to base its decision making. The board will need information about:

  • robust and analysed current and trend data on student progress, achievement and wellbeing
  • resources available to allocate towards achieving goals
  • competing priorities for resources.

How could the data be summarised so that the board has a comprehensive understanding of the progress of cohorts of students in relation to expected levels of progress, achievement and wellbeing?


Identify the students or groups of students that aren't achieving or at risk of not achieving. What goals will need to be set? What does the evidence and consultation tell the board about which goals should be prioritised? Do staff, students, communities, mana whenua and iwi support the prioritised goals?

Developing the charter

A charter sets out the board’s proposed actions and allocated resources for achieving a small number of key goals to improve student progress, achievement and wellbeing for equity and excellence.

A charter includes broad, long-term goals as part of the strategic plan which are broken down into measurable targets in the annual plan/s.

A charter should identify the stakeholders that play a role in achieving the goals. Are the stakeholders and their roles clear within the charter?

Implementing and monitoring

The board should use the charter at every board meeting to review progress made towards achieving the goals and targets.

What is working well and what might need to change?


Reporting progress to staff, students, communities and iwi highlights the progress made and provides an evaluation of what actions have and haven't been successful. What changes may need to be made?


What does the level of student progress, achievement and wellbeing tell the board about how successful the strategies were?

What changes might the board need to make to the goals in the strategic plan or the targets in the annual plan?

What achievement and evaluation information will be needed to set revised goals or targets?

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