Property data

Find out how to access up-to-date data about any school, and read about the Ministry's asset management systems.

On this page:

  • Access up-to-date data
  • Property Portal
  • New asset management system (K2) and the Helios suite
  • PMIS

Access up-to-date data

Contact your local Ministry office for up-to-date school data.

Property Portal

On the Property Portal schools can access the Property Maintenance Grant, School Property Guide, and Notional Lease data.

New asset management system (K2) and the Helios suite

The K2 asset management system is part of the Ministry's suite of property tools (the suite is called Helios).

During 2017 the Ministry will launch the K2 portal to Helios (showing similar information to PMIS). Exact dates and training will be advised.

The K2 portal will be available to authorised schools and project managers.

Property Management Information System (PMIS)

You can still access data on PMIS (however, from June 2016, PMIS has not been maintained and cannot be regarded as current).

To find your school’s information, either:

  • enter your school’s ID and press Submit, or
  • enter your school’s name (full or partial) and press Submit.

If PMIS finds a match, it will transfer you to your home page.

If it finds more than one possible match, a drop-down box will list all the possible matches. Click on your school and press Submit to get to your home page.

You can also press Search. A drop-down box will list all schools in the database alphabetically. Click on the name you need and press Submit to get to your home page.

The links for Maintenance Grant and Guide Entitlement have been disabled, you can now find these functions on the Property Portal (external link) .

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