Property Occupancy Document for state school property management

The Ministry notifies boards of trustees of state schools of their responsibilities for managing school property in a Property Occupancy Document (POD). As a board of trustees, you must comply with this legally binding document.

Notifying the standard POD

We've developed a standard Property Occupancy Document (POD) to help you understand your role and manage property at your school effectively.

The POD is like a lease, with the Ministry as landlord and boards as tenants. It's a legally binding document. So when a board is elected, it's effectively agreeing to the terms and conditions in the POD.

The POD lists your obligations for managing school property.

Property Occupancy Document for state (non-integrated) schools [DOC, 288 KB]

To learn more about how to comply with it, you need to be familiar with the rest of our property web pages.

Property and school transport

The POD is not negotiable

The POD is generally not negotiable. This is because we expect a certain standard for each school’s property management. It also reflects all current Ministry and legal requirements.

You don't need to sign the POD as it's not an individual negotiable contract. It continues to apply to your school even when new board members are elected.

Legal process for the POD

Schedule 6, clause 35 of the Education Act 1989 gives the Secretary for Education authority to notify the POD. That is, when we publish a notice in the New Zealand Gazette, all state school boards of trustees are notified of, and must comply with, the POD.

Schedule 6, clause 35,  Education Act 1989 — NZ Legislation website(external link)

The New Zealand Gazette is the official publication of the New Zealand Government. It's used to notify official business.

New Zealand Gazette(external link)

Note: The Education Gazette is a different publication.

Most recent update

The POD was last updated and notified in 2012.

Extract from the New Zealand Gazette [PDF, 151 KB]

Whenever any changes are made to the standard POD, the Ministry re-notifies the POD in the New Zealand Gazette.

Having individualised PODs in unique contexts

If your school has unique or different requirements, you may need an individualised POD. For example, a school on leased land will have different requirements in relation to the land.

If you need an individualised POD, we'll send it to you in a letter. This letter amounts to ‘notification’ under section 70 of the Education Act 1989. Individual PODs aren't published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Signing a memorandum of acknowledgement

We ask the board of each new or merging school to sign a memorandum of acknowledgement. By signing you're showing you're aware that the POD is the basis of your school occupancy. Even if you don’t sign the memorandum, the POD still applies.

Acknowledgement of the Property Occupancy Document [PDF, 559 KB]

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