Christchurch Schools Rebuild (CSR) procurement

The scope of the CSR programme work includes repairs, rebuilds, new builds and demolition of 115 Christchurch schools effected by the 2013 earthquake. This includes addressing earthquake damage, earthquake prone buildings, weather tightness requirements, capital and cyclical maintenance and 21st century learning environments.

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The Government has invested $1 billion in a 10 year programme to rebuild, restore and renew greater Christchurch and its education network. This includes flexible teaching spaces that can be expanded or reduced depending on requirements, and energy-efficient buildings with the latest technology including access to ultra-fast broadband.

About bundled projects

We're bundling the projects of different schools together. The benefits of bundling projects include:

  • reducing time and cost of tendering and negotiating
  • creating economies of scale
  • building relationships with providers so that we get a consistent and high standard of service
  • giving suppliers certainty of work over time.

These benefits are particularly important in Christchurch where the construction market is under more pressure as the city’s rebuild projects accelerate.

A key development principle is that bundles may vary in size. In this way, the full range of suppliers has an opportunity to participate.

Projects are either bundled:

  • vertically — where work happens at the same time
  • horizontally — where work flows from one project to the next.

The way we engage services for each bundle depends on the projects it contains.

About supplier panels

For the CSR programme, we generally engage suppliers through supplier panels rather than tendering services to the open market for every project.

All the supplier panels were themselves established through an open tender process. Suppliers on the panel aren't guaranteed work but may be invited to tender for CSR projects.

We'll only use alternative forms of procurement, such as open market tenders via GETS, if our existing panels are unable to provide the services.

For the Ministry, the benefits of this approach are that:

  • competition for CSR projects is tight
  • procurement time and cost are reduced
  • we can build close relationships with panel suppliers.

Panel members benefit from:

  • less onerous and costly tendering requirements
  • a clear work programme, which gives them time to plan for tendering and delivering services
  • ongoing work for those who perform well
  • opportunities to build and develop a relationship with the Ministry.

We review supplier panels regularly to check their performance and that we have access to a sufficient number of suppliers.

If you aren't a member of a CSR panel, but would still like to be a supplier, we encourage you to develop subcontractor relationships with panel members.

Construction Services Panel

Out of the total budget of $1.137 billion for the CSR programme, it's estimated that $650 million of construction works will be delivered through this panel. Some new builds and complete rebuilds may be delivered via other forms of procurement, including public-private partnerships, or procured separately due to specific project requirements.

The construction value of individual projects ranges from $500,000 to over $30 million. These projects include new schools, school rebuilds, redevelopments and repairs.

The panel has a term of 9 years. Its performance is reviewed every 3 years. The panel may be used in other regions if the need or opportunity arises.

Construction Services Panel members (projects under $8m):

  • Southbase Construction Ltd
  • Brosnan Construction Canterbury Ltd
  • City Care Ltd
  • Downer New Zealand Ltd
  • HRS Construction Ltd
  • Corbel Construction Ltd
  • Hann Construction Company Ltd
  • Watts & Hughes Construction Ltd.

Construction Services Panel members (projects over $8m):

  • Arrow International Ltd
  • Decmil Construction NZ Ltd
  • Hawkins Construction South Island Ltd
  • Leighs Construction Ltd
  • Naylor Love Ltd
  • Southbase Construction Ltd.

Professional Services Panel

This panel is closed effective 13 February 2021. All future sourcing for professional services in the Canterbury region for Ministry-led projects will be completed through our Professional Services Directory, or through MBIE’s All-of-Government Construction Consultancy Services (AoG CCS) panel for services not yet active on the Directory.

For more information please see Supplier panels – Education in New Zealand(external link).


For any questions about the CSR programme procurement strategy, contact

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