School property procurement framework

This directory page provides links and information to many topics, responsibilities and other relating to a school’s property procurement framework.

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  • Project Managers
  • Boards
  • Principals and Tumuaki
  • Property Managers
  • Proprietors

Further reading on these topics is required as they involve mandatory action. Procurement covers all aspects of acquiring and delivering goods, services and works. For school property procurement, school boards must apply the school property procurement framework.

Procurement process

The purpose of the school property procurement process is to support schools and the project managers they engage to manage school property projects. Property-related procurement falls into two categories: construction works and consultancy services. 

Contract Works, such as...Professional Services, such as...
  • Demolition
  • Repairs
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Refurbishment

These are also known as 'construction works'

  • Project management
  • Construction design
  • Engineering
  • Quantity surveying

These are also called 'consultancy services'

Procurement process

Statement of requirements
Planning your approach to the market
Approach the market and evaluate responses
Negotiate and award

Property and training events

The Ministry offers training to project managers and 10YPP Consultants wanting to work with schools through a variety of training courses, online learning and consultant briefings. 


Procurement templates and guides

Templates and guides

Conflict of interest

Emergency and urgent procurement

Schools may need to procure goods or services quickly in order to respond to an emergency or urgent situation, without going through the full procurement process.

Emergency and urgent procurement

Conflict of interest management

All conflicts of interests must be managed during a school property procurement to ensure there is no perceived or actual bias in favour of a supplier, staff member or consultant involved in the procurement.

Conflict of interest management

Insurance procurement

Insurance for school property projects includes contract works insurance, professional indemnity insurance for consultants, public liability insurance for contractors and cover for school buildings that might be damaged during the project work.

Insurance procurement

Contracts for construction works, professional services and maintenance

Schools must use these contracts without any amendments to the special provisions.

Construction works and professional services

School-led projects
Ministry-led projects

Maintenance work


Procurement exemptions

Find further information on when and how to apply for Procurement exemptions.

Christchurch Schools Rebuild (CSR) procurement

Rebuilding 115 schools in Christchurch is a unique opportunity that needs a unique procurement strategy to deliver the best outcome. The Ministry’s procurement strategy is reducing tendering time and helping to complete projects on time and within budget.

Christchurch Schools Rebuild (CSR) procurement

Information for suppliers

For Infrastructure suppliers, there is a directed directory that covers: school property planning, project management, design standards, ICT infrastructure and school transport.

Information for suppliers

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